If you are looking for exciting activities to do on a honeymoon, maybe you don’t understand the purpose of going on one. (ahem ahem) But, we know that when you book an all-inclusive vacation in Jamaica, you want to get your money’s worth from the resort. This means that you want to take full advantage of all that is offered . . . outside of the bedroom.

photo by Heather Payne 

Maybe you look at waterskiing as a chance to enjoy incredible views as you glide across the water. Perhaps you view waterskiing as a white-knuckle activity that causes your heart rate to soar as you frantically holding on to the rope for dear life. Regardless of how you see it, some Caribbean resorts include this as a part of their all-inclusive packages. Make sure yours does before you book it. 

While water skiers have to balance on two, skinny skis, wakeboarders are strapped to one short, thick board. It may take a little bit of time to get used to the positioning of wakeboarding. Instead of facing the waves head-on, you are pulled across the water sideways. Like water skiing, wakeboarding is a thrill ride, and something everyone should try at least once.

Maybe waterskiing and wakeboarding are too strenuous activity to perform while on vacation. Instead, how would you like to be pulled through aquamarine water as you sit on a tube? No balance? No worry. Anyone can go tubing.

People of all ages can have fun bodyboarding. Grab a board and wade out a few feet from shore. You and your new spouse will have fun splashing and playing in the waves for hours. 

photo by Lisa Silva

Make sure your honeymoon resort has Aquatrikes available to use. Aquatrikes look exactly like their name describes. They literally are tricycles with massive tires that you can use in the water. Grab your honey and take a leisurely ride along the beach. They are the perfect activity for honeymooners since Aquatrikes are built for two. 

Antigua is one of the most amazing snorkeling destinations that you will ever visit. In fact, the island is almost entirely surrounded by thriving coral reefs. Enjoy the colorful tropical fish at some of our snorkeling hot spots. 

Glass Bottom Boats
Maybe you would rather enjoy the beauty of the Caribbean with a drink in your hand. Instead of snorkeling, you could enjoy the show below the surface of the water by riding in a glass-bottom boat. 

Hobie Cats
Kind of like a small catamaran, Hobie Cats let you enjoy some quiet moments away from shore with your new spouse. Go at sunrise or sunset for an extra special moment that you will be talking about for years to come.

Maybe you have dreamt of showing off your surfing abilities to your new spouse. Perhaps that will remain a dream since you’ve never touched a surfboard in your life. Instead of having the seven-year-old island native show you up as you struggle to get on your knees during a tiny wave, why not try windsurfing instead? The sail, the handle, and foot straps may give you the same feeling as surfboarding, but it is much easier. Tell your new spouse that you prefer windsurfing to surfboarding because you go faster with the first option.

photo by Jess Leigh Photographer

Paddle Boarding
Test your core strength and balance by paddleboarding on your honeymoon trip. You and your sweetheart will be able to enjoy some quiet, tranquil moments as you peacefully glide across the water.

Test your new marriage by trying to learn how to steer a two-person kayak together. You could also each grab a kayak and paddles to have a friendly race against each other. The winner gets to pick the dinner location for the next evening. It’s incredible how some people’s competitive spirits are triggered when there’s food on the line.

Snuba (Bonus activity!)
Part SCUBA and snorkeling, Snuba is the perfect compromise. If you don’t want to spend your honeymoon in a classroom learning about SCUBA safety, Snuba will allow you to experience the underwater world without any formal training.

Before you book your honeymoon, check with the resort to see what water activities come free with the price of the package. Learn about how to book the equipment. Read reviews on how easy it is to gain access to kayaks, Aquatrikes, and Snuba equipment. Ask about the safety equipment and any rules you must follow to stay safe while playing.

And if it happens to rain while you’re on your honeymoon, you can probably figure out some indoor activities to pass the time. 

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