Beach engagement sessions can be fun, romantic and even downright steamy! I quite enjoyed putting this post together because there are just so many great ways to get the most out of an engagement session at the beach- here are ten to get you started!

10 Fun Beach Engagement IdeasImage- Kissing Couple by Jemma Keech Photography

1. Frolic on the sand

Props! Props! Props! Have fun with bicycles, life savers, beach balls, floats, balloons, sand castles- pretty much anything that tickles your fancy! There is just something about being on a beach that brings out the kid in all of us! You won’t be able to help smiling throughout your pics (come on I dare you not to!).

Beach Engagement IdeasImages- Woman with Hat on Bike via Style Me Pretty {Jana Williams Photography} | Couple with Hearts and Couple Throwing Balls on the Beach via Style Me Pretty {Siegel Thurston Photography} | Couple on Bike via Grey Likes Weddings {Brooke Images Photography} | Couple with Black Life Saver and Large Beach Ball via Green Wedding Shoes {Caroline Tran Photography} | Couple with Blue Life Saver by Caroline Tran Photography

2. Frolic in the water

Don’t be afraid to get a little wet! Splashing around in the water is super sweet (and a bit naughty I daresay!).

Beach Engagement IdeasImages- Couple in Black and White and Couple Upside Down in Water via Beauty & Lifestyle Bride {KT Merry Photography} | Couple with Feet in the Water via Le Magnifique {Daniel Cruz Photography} | Man Lifting Woman via Style Me Pretty {Bryce Covey Photography}

3. Sail away

Talk about the ultimate prop! Using a boat gives you more room for creativity- not to mention the great symbolism in play as you two think about embarking on the wonderful journey ahead!

Beach Engagement IdeasBeach Engagement IdeasImages- Woman Kissing Man in Water by Jose Villa Photography | Couple Kissing Behind Hat via Magnolia Rouge {Lauren Kinsey Photography} | Woman Sitting on Man via Style Me Pretty {Anika London Photography} | Couple in Canoe by KT Merry Photography

4. Grab some inspiration from the big screen

I am so in love with the idea of using movie magic! The first pic is from an engagement session inspired by ‘The Notebook’ (starring my boyfriend Ryan Gosling, lol). The other four pics take it up a notch with parallels to ‘From Here To Eternity’ (told you these sessions can be hot, hot, hot!)

Beach Engagement Ideas Beach Engagement IdeasImages- Woman in Red Bikini via Southern Weddings {Justin DeMutiis Photography} | Woman in Jeans via Love Wed Bliss {Melissa Hebert Photography} | Woman in String Bikini by Anthony Calleja Photography | Woman in Dress by Pasha Belman Photography

5. Dive underwater

Completely dreamy and unique! Not many would brave this but you can’t deny that those who do get the ultimate reward – breath-taking photos and a bit of enchantment!

Beach Engagement IdeasImages- Couple Backing Each Other via Fstoppers {Nick Pugay Photography} | Man with Surfboard via Holladayphoto

6. Shadow Kissing

This is such a cute idea- perfect to do on a sunny day at the beach!

Beach Engagement IdeasImages- Couple in Brown via On The Trendy Road | Couple Standing In Heart by Captus Photography

7. Pretend you’re on Baywatch

Ha, not really! You can however incorporate your setting and pose at one of the lifeguard huts!

Beach Engagement IdeasImages- Couple In Front Of Yellow Lifeguard Hut by Muñoz Photography | Kissing Couple via Mia Lantos {Brian Mosoff Photography} | Couple in Blue and White via My Wedding {Allison Maginn Photography}

8. Have a picnic

And invite me! I love picnics! Maybe that’s why I am always enamored by picnic engagement sessions. I think it’s also a great way for couples to relax and enjoy the time together as the session goes on. Just be sure to pass a bite along to your photographer!

Beach Engagement IdeasImage- Kissing Couple via 100 Layer Cake {Lani Elias Photography}

9. Write a message in the sand

Save-the-date idea right here! You can also write a message for your future married selves.

Beach Engagement IdeasImage- The Berry

10. Go vintage chic

I am loving this trend – this particular vintage beach session via One Stylish Bride is a definite favourite of mine! Yet another fun way to stamp your individual style and add even more fun to your engagement session.

Beach Engagement Ideas Image- Woman on Man’s Shoulder via One Stylish Bride {Quinn LaCasse Photography}

The hubby and I never had an engagement session. At the time we were getting hitched, it just never really occurred to us to do it. In hindsight, I really wish we had, because it would have been great to look back on those photos and memories! Maybe there’s a beach anniversary session in the cards for us!!

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