We are taking a wee break from our typical DIY Wednesday to share with you some recipes for the delicious food and drink we traditionally have at Christmas in the Caribbean. I for one, am shamelessly looking forward to my mom’s cooking and baking for the big day- especially her coconut bread and black cake (someday I will learn to do all of these things, I swear!).

Caribbean ChristmasSiurces in Links

  1. Coconut Bread (also known as Sweet Bread)- this addictive coconut loaf is a big favourite all year round, click here for the pic and recipe.
  2. Black cake (or rum cake) is a delicious cake made with dried fruit and steeped in rum- check out the pic and recipe here and also have a look at this lovely article about the traditional pastry among Caribbean Americans. Here’s a second recipe you can also try, and a third.
  3. Pepperpot is a thick meaty stew (pictured here with rice and vegetables)- grab your recipe here.
  4. Jug jug (pic)– this Caribbean dish is made primarily with pigeon peas – check it out here.
  5. Sorrel (or Agua de Jamaica) is a refreshing beverage made from dried hibiscus (very healthy too!)- pic, recipe and video here, with another recipe  here.
  6. Christmas ham is an absolute requirement for most Caribbean homes. In Barbados,conversations around this time typically start with people being asked if they bought their ham as yet- as if to say that they can’t possibly be ready for Christmas until they do! Here’s a recipe for Honey Glazed Christmas Ham and one with a pineapple glaze (pictured above).
  7. Punche de Creme or Ponche de Crème (popularly known as ‘punch-ah-creme’) is our Caribbean version of eggnog-  for the pic and recipe click here or take a look at these recipes here and here. This is a song from famous calypsonian, Lord Kitchener, about the joys of rum and a ‘punch-a-crema’ at Christmas.

What traditional Christmas treat do you look forward to the most at this time of the year?

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