Carefree and blissful. Just the feelings you want on your wedding day! So why not head to the beach for some fun, windy photos? Even better if that beach is on Maui!

from the planner: “A beautiful, beach bridal session on the shores of Hawaii. It doesn’t get any more serene, calm or beautiful than this! With our bride, running along the beach, wind swept up in her hair, feeling as magical and as at peace as the beach and location that she’s on. Do you ever wish you were this relaxed for your bridal portraits?

The Hawaiian shores somehow bring about the feeling of magic, peace, serenity and calm which is why it created the perfect setting for our Bride’s pre-wedding session. The design was neutral and minimal to allow the beautiful nature and setting be the “color” and “wow” that we brought in.

Wedding days can be so overwhelming, so many nerves and emotions and flustered feelings. Constantly thinking about the next thing, whether that’s walking down the aisle, saying your vows, the cocktail hour, reception, etc. That overwhelmed feeling is the last thing you want reflected in your wedding day photos.

Which is exactly why we loved Erica’s pre-wedding bridal session. It’s a lovely way to bring the peace and serenity back to your wedding day. Taking the time to do a bridal session a few days or weeks before your big day will calm your nerves and allow you to savor the moment of the fast-paced wedding day, our brides get to savor the moment of getting ready with their best gals and not have the stress of getting “all the perfect shots”.”

Planner & Stylist: Bowties & Bouquets
Photographer: Bre Jane Photography
Beauty: Kylee Hudson Bridal
Engagement Ring: Kobelli Jewelry
Gown Designer: Pronovias
Bridal Boutique & Veil: Kleinfeld Bridal
Florals: Waikapu Collective
Model: Erica Vellinga

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