A magical nature bridal session with some midsummer vibes. Pulling in nordic traditions and inspiration, this session is sure to delight the heart of all earth loving hippie brides out there!

from the photographer: “The most magical night of the year, a Scandinavian Midsummer is much loved time for many unmarried maidens in the nordics, it is a night full of traditions and rituals. It’s a perfect idea for celebrating the Bridal Shower on the eve of the Wedding Day. Anna, the bride-to-be is carried away in a dance with the dark Scandinavian forests. She is dreaming of her fiancĂ© and the new happy life she is going to have. Water lilies in her hands and a delicate floral artwork in her head are adding a special vibe for the mysterious Midsummer story.

The shoot was inspired by the Midsummer traditions and took place in the middle of Finland exactly on the Midsummer night, the shortest night of the year. We originally planned a proposal/elopement photoshoot with the groom, but due to personal circumstances we had only Anna available, so we decided to stay creative and make up a story about her last dance of freedom before she gets married to Mindaugas. This is a true story and I believe it is a fantastic novel idea for a Bridal Shower because it’s very unique to Scandinavia and nordic traditions and can be arranged regardless the location.

Being a fine-art wedding photographer I aimed to create a light and airy story with a romantic feel and nordic traditions touch of a young bride celebrating her last night before wedding day in the dark forest, so I used my film camera Contax 645 and Fuji 400H Pro Film. During my work I paid attention to the detail such as floral wrest, water lilies, feminine moves of Anna, water reflections, location and so on. I think it’s a beautiful inspirational story for a modern romantic bride.”

Planning, creative direction: Tanya Starling
Photo: Tanya Starling
Floral wreath: Svetlana Pihlstrom
Ring: Kultajousi, Princess
Dress: Zara
Bride: Anna
Film scans: Lighthousefilmlab

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