Unaware that they would soon be caught up in intrigue and turmoil of the Second World War, Tregaron and Tristan fall in love. With Tristan’s heart beating louder than the drums of the approaching war, he can think of nothing else but making Tregaron his bride. She thought they were going for an afternoon pleasure sail, but he surprises her with a glamorous gown and earrings to wear. Instead of an evening of dinner and dancing, Tristan asks Tregaron to marry him under a setting sun.

The Story of the Sailboat Featured:

The Anitra was built by the Macrae family in 1926 and is known as the jewel of Lake Ontario. She’s sailed many oceans but has never left her home dock of the @oakville_club_sailing and is proudly sailed now by the 5th Generation of the Macrae Family!

Photographer, Concept Creator, Creative Director @LISAVIGLIOTTAPHOTOGRAPHY
Associate Photographer @RYLANDPHOTO
Cinematography @ANTONPARKFILMS
Planner + Creative Director @NOBLEVENTS
Tristan’s Bathing Suit + Shirt @RALPHLAUREN
Multi-stripped Point Blanket @HUDSONSBAY
Ship Captain: Jock Macrae
Vintage Sail Boat: The Anitra

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