There are some moments in life that feel almost other-worldly. Like you’ve been transported to a place or a moment that isn’t quite real, yet it exists. Today’s feature is one such moment like this …with ethereal shadows and light, and the gracefulness of the bride, it feels like we’re being transported into a renaissance painting moment.

from the photographer: “A young woman stands in the middle of a bijou Parisian apartment, whose furnishings, fabrics, mouldings and high-ceilinged proportions pay homage to the French period.

She smiles and gracefully spins around the room, the cool morning air billowing the fragile and intricate details in her dress. As she moves she absorbs the layers of light silk she is adorned in.

She catches her self in the mirror. Is this real, she asks?

The clock behind her chimes on the hour, she pauses and reminds herself that today she is not bound by time.

She’s in a world of her own.”

Model: @dazvavarlamova / Hair and Makeup: Runway Room / Jewelry: Jeanette Maree / Floral: Good Grace and Humour / Dress & Shoes: Shehzarin Batha Couture /  Photography: Joey George / Cinematographer: Luca Zarik / Location: Anton Venoir Interiors


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