We love that this design inspiration attempts to turn Valentines a bit on it’s head with some tropic and East Asia design inspiration and visualization. Boring red, no more!

from the photographer: “With color making a comeback we wondered, “How could we make Valentine’s more BOLD?” As soon as I laid eyes on the Marchesa gown it hit me like a lightning bolt of inspiration. Deep burgundy reds with the unexpected shades of purple transformed the traditional Valentine colors into something provocative and mysterious. Adding to the lore, we took inspiration from the gown itself and played toward the exotic allure of Thailand and Bali with its intricate wedding traditions and festive and colorful backgrounds. Our goal was to create something vibrant, alluring and provocative to really elevate and upscale the sweetness of the typical view of Valentine’s day. We wanted to be the fiancee who whisks you away to a surprise getaway to where the air smells like spices and the colors breathe life into you. And with a fiancee like that, who needs chocolates?”

Photography: Mylyn Wood Photography | Makeup: Cassandra Kennedy Beauty | Wedding Dress: Marchesa Notte | Groom’s Attire: Calvin Klein | Submitted via: Matchology

Bajan Wed