Set against the timeless backdrop of Old Jaffa, Israel, a recently wedded couple embarked on a breathtaking honeymoon photo shoot. Their love story unfolded amidst the ancient charm of this historical city, encapsulating romance, elegance, and the promise of a lifetime together. Cobblestone pathways, ancient archways, and the mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea created the perfect canvas for their love story. The warm sun kissed their faces as they meandered through the historic streets, their laughter echoing through the ancient alleyways. With each embrace, they seemed to etch their love into the very stones of the ancient city. Orit, adorned in a captivating dress by Chana Marelus, exuded grace and sophistication; the intricate details and flowing silhouette of the dress perfectly complemented the enchanting atmosphere of Old Jaffa. Each step that she took was a testament to the love she shared with Naji, echoing the beauty of their recent union. As the couple wandered hand in hand through the ancient alleyways, Naji’s navy suit seemed to effortlessly blend with the surroundings. The suit’s classic elegance and a modern style, mirrored the historic yet vibrant spirit of Old Jaffa. Orit is holding olive branches… With their silvery-green leaves they seem to whisper stories of generations past, echoing the rich history of Israel. These olive branches became a poignant reminder of the couple’s commitment to a love that, like the age-old olive trees, would stand the test of time, growing stronger and more resilient with each passing year. Anna Grinets Photography, an international wedding photographer, renowned for her mastery of film photography, brought an artistic touch to the images. With her expertise, she captured the couple’s love and the enchanting ambiance of Old Jaffa, using a film camera to add a soft and dreamy quality to the photos. Each frame was a cherished memory, a testament to the couple’s deep connection. Jaquelyn, a talented makeup and hair artist, enhanced Orit’s natural beauty with a soft and romantic touch; her work perfectly complemented Orit’s glow, accentuating her elegance and the authenticity of the moment. The couple’s genuine smiles and affectionate glances were expertly preserved by Anna’s lens, making each photograph a precious memento. Notably, the couple had tied the knot in the heart of Israel just a day before this romantic honeymoon photo shoot. Their love story had come full circle in this land rich with history and meaning. Jaffa, with its ancient streets, vibrant culture, and the tranquil sound of the Mediterranean in the background, served as the perfect backdrop for the continuation of their journey together. This enchanting day encapsulated the essence of love, commitment, and the promise of an enduring partnership. Against the backdrop of this historic city, the couple’s love story was immortalized, serving as a timeless testament to their love and the beginning of a beautiful life together. This romantic honeymoon was a journey of love and discovery, with every image a testament to the couple’s newfound commitment and the timeless beauty of their surroundings. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the ancient city, their love story continued to be written, one frame at a time.

Photography: Anna Grinets Photography | Hair: JM-Makeup & Hair by Jaquelyn M Lawrence | Makeup: JM-Makeup & Hair by Jaquelyn M Lawrence | Wedding Dress: chana marelus | Submitted via: Matchology

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