Once brides jump into wedding planning, it becomes clear that it’s a big job to take on. It’s one of the many reasons why more brides want to host microweddings. They’re easy to plan and result in beautiful ceremonies with minimal stress for everyone involved.

If you’re wondering what makes these small weddings different from traditional ceremonies, check out this simple guide to planning your own microwedding. You’ll learn about all the necessary details to include and what you can skip so you can put together the small, intimate wedding of your dreams:

1. Reduce Your Guest List

Although you might think your wedding’s size depends on your budget or venue, it really relies on your guest list.¬†Every guest will require food, drinks, thank you gifts and a seat at your reception. The guest list tacks on responsibilities and extra fees for almost every part of your big day, so reduce it if you want to have a microwedding.

Fill your ceremony seats and your bridal party with just your immediate family and your closest friends. If your list stays under at least 50 people, it can be considered a small wedding and even a micro guest list.

2. Browse Venue Options

Most wedding venues intend to host ceremonies and receptions for hundreds of guests at a time. When you start looking at nearby venues, you might find that you’d end up paying for more space than you’d need with your deposit.

Meet with different on-site coordinators to discuss their history with hosting microweddings and ways they could work with your guest list. Compare your options so you get the kind of venue you’d like without increasing your budget for unneeded space.

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3. Indulge in Your Reception

When you have a short guest list and room in your budget, it’s easier to indulge in your reception. Everyone will have a blast if you include fun food ideas like cake pops or a doughnut wall. Make a statement with your reception appetizers, entrees and desserts so the food matches the fun atmosphere that will entertain everyone well into the night.

4. Work With a Team

Intimate weddings can still feel overwhelming when you have to monitor everything while getting ready for the ceremony or enjoying your reception meal. It’s always smart to work with a team of professionals, like a DJ, videographer and planner. They’ll keep everything on schedule and be the point of contact for guests or staff members, so you don’t have to worry about anything once your wedding day arrives.

5. Stick With Minimalism

As you start your planning experience, approach your wedding with minimalism in mind to keep things simple. Minimalism skips the extra steps that add to your pre-wedding stress. It also allows the love you share with your partner to speak for itself. You become the focal point of the night, without any flashy distractions or a busy day-of schedule.

Remember the Impact

Although you may not have a packed reception hall or a standing-room-only ceremony, remember the impact of microweddings. They still include all the special customs and components of traditional weddings while allowing you to enjoy every moment of your planning process and wedding day.

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