Emma & Diego had a beautiful wedding day filled with their favorite things – the culmination of their story together!

Wedding Colors: Our colors included magenta, light pink, indigo—almost like a dusty, slate blue at times—and lighter indigo. We incorporated that everywhere, from our flowers to our dresses to our website!

Design Vision: 
I partnered with Paper Garten for our stationery, which I wanted to be a keepsake for guests and those who couldn’t attend. She did beautiful, custom watercolors and designed all the day-of paper as well. From there I used our stationery as a guide for our florals, tablescape, and more. She even hand-painted a champagne bottle for us which the bridesmaids drank from the day of the wedding.

Proposal Story:
Check out our proposal story here! And the story of how we met here!

Describe Your Wedding Gown: I was very set on having embroidered details on my dress, and the corset of my dress as well as the skirt have beautiful embroidery throughout. Despite being so sure I wanted straps, I landed on a strapless dress by Stella York from Bridal Boutique Lewisville. I felt like Cinderella! I paired it with Loeffler Randall sandals and earrings by Jennifer Behr. My ring was from Sarah O. jewelry in Colorado, where the diamonds are lab-grown. My engagement ring is a solitaire setting, so I picked out a tracer band for the wedding ring so I could mix and match and make it look different depending on how I wanted to style it. I joke that my husband still owes me a third ring one day to complete the look!

Describe Your Bridesmaids Dresses
: Each bridesmaid was given a few color options between the deeper indigo and lighter indigo from our color palette. From there, we chose a designer and they were each allowed to pick any dress of their choice! There was a mix in materials from silk and chiffon, as well as various cuts like a sweetheart neckline or a more strappy back. They all looked beautiful, and my two maids of honors both wanted the same dress, so they each got the same one in a different color, which ended up looking so lovely.

Describe Your Groomsmen / Groom Attire
: Diego and his groomsmen all wore charcoal suits from Calvin Klein. They had magenta ties to match our color palette and boutonnières to match the bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Describe Your Food & Drink: Our food was really important to us and we were thrilled with the menu from Penzi. For our rehearsal dinner we had pizza, since Diego and I’s first date was on “Pizza Friday.” Diego doesn’t drink, so we didn’t do any special cocktails as a couple but did have an amazing wine and tequila selection for our guests. At the wedding  we  had fun margaritas during the cocktail party before the reception as well as agua de jamaica, and more. For dinner, our guests could select their main course between salmon and steak. We also had a delicious tortilla soup and salad, and then they had their option for desserts too between a tres leches and a mango tart. All were superb, but we had a special request to end the night with tacos al pastor and churros, which were perfect after a night of celebrating!

Describe Your Florals & Decor: Angelica de Solache did our floral arrangements and perfectly matched our color palette! I really turned it over to her, knowing very little about what I liked for florals and her work was beautiful. We used dishware from our planner, Penzi, to set the table, and then complimented all the other pieces with day-of paper from Paper Garten.

Describe Your Readings / Ceremony Music / Reception Songs

  • Though we had to legally get married in the U.S., my uncle, Tim, did our ceremony and did a phenomenal job fusing our desire for a traditional ceremony with personal touches together. It may have been one of our favorite parts of the day! We did private readings before the ceremony to each other, then did the traditional vows in front of everyone. We had live instrumental music for our bridal party to walk down the aisle to, which was “Kiss Me More” by Doja Cat, and then I walked down with my dad “To Stand By Me,” the Florence + The Machine version. At the end of the ceremony, we played an instrumental version of “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes.
  • For our readings, we both privately selected ones that we gave to our siblings to read out loud. I chose a passage from Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Notes from the Underground that starts out with “Love is a holy mystery and ought to be hidden from all other eyes, whatever happens. That makes it holier and better,” and Diego chose the C.S. Lewis passage from Mere Christianity that starts with “Being in love is a good thing, but it is not the best thing.” It’s funny because we didn’t know what the other chose till the ceremony and they ended up being very similar in what they said.
  • We had a live band for our reception which was phenomenal! They learned all our songs for our first dances. Diego and I danced to “Amor Sin Fin” by Adanowsky. Neither of us are one for attention, and my mom snuck in a blast of fireworks at the end that shocked us both but made for stunning photos. My dad and I danced to “I Loved Her First” by Elliot Park. We took dance lessons leading up to this, which made it all the sweeter for me. Diego and his mom danced to “Tú Guardian” by Juanes, though they didn’t realize that they should shorten the song for the dance, and by the end both were laughing because it went on for the full song!

Special Detail or Memories:

  • My dad worked with Paper Garten who did our stationery to hand-paint a beautiful wedding plate for it. He worked with a potterer I took art classes from as a kid to finish it in the kiln, and then all our guests signed it!
  • There was a big snowstorm in Dallas days before our wedding. Many flights were canceled for our guests, but not a single person missed the event (or the bride for that matter)! People took buses, drove several hours to a different airport, and took late-night flights to be there. We were so touched everyone made such an effort despite how difficult it was for many!
  • The day before the wedding, we did the traditional Mexican wedding parade, the callejoneada. We paraded around a park in San Miguel to music and danced with all the guests who came out to the event. It was nerve-wracking to have so much attention on us, but I love that it meant we had another day with all our guests and it led to some of our favorite photos!

Photography: Ricardo Arellano
Planning & Design, Cake: Penzi Weddings
Wedding Submission Services: Published + Pretty
Videographer: Alexei Treviño
Venue: Villa Xido
Florist: Angelica Solache Florist
Stationery: Papergarten
Hair & Makeup: Daniela Palacios
Gown Designer: Stella York
Bridal Boutique: Bridal Boutique Lewisville
Shoes: Loeffler Randal
Groom’s Attire: Calvin Klein
Bride’s Rings: Sarah O. jewelry
Groom’s Rings: James Allen
Earrings: Jennifer Behr
Band: Maqueshow
Music: Gil Gutiérrez

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