A beautiful wedding in the sky in Benidorm, Spain. This couple chose to have an intimate ceremony with the mediterranean sea at their feet, punctuated with pops of floral color and a  blue sky that you just can’t make up!

from the planner: “A wedding up high, at the Belvedere in Benidorm The Belvedere in Benidorm isn’t just any old restaurant, as getting married on the 21st floor of the Madeira Hotel is like getting married in the sky. If you don’t believe us, Joan and Livia can prove it, the newlyweds who got married with the Bahía of Benidorm at their feet. With views of the mountains, the sun light reflecting off the sea and lighting up the city at dusk, and the sea breeze surrounding the restaurant, the Belvedere is unbeatable. If you choose to be our bride and groom and you don’t know whether you prefer the mountains or the sea, problem solved! Because the Belvedere restaurant is the perfect venue for your wedding in Benidorm. We know that terraces are the most popular wedding venue choice among a great number of brides. This restaurant also offers glass areas for bad weather or to change spots on your big day. The attic is perfect for parties, with live music, artists and DJs guaranteed, so you can dance the night away! So amazing that Livia and Joan chose it! Food that touches the sky Creations by reputable chef Kiko Lázaro (who even has a Michelin star), one of the chefs of the moment, resides at the Belvedere with a menu from both the sea and the mountains. Every one of his dishes are highly sophisticated, and are mainly comprised of rice, because no one can eat with sea views and not want some good rice! All kinds of rice… black, ‘a banda’, with snails and rabbit… The bride and groom can fill up on traditional Valencian flavours. There will be something for everyone! Underneath the top floor you can find the Lounge Bar, where the newlyweds can taste cocktails and mixers to refresh their palette with the most popular flavours. The Madeira Hotel, decorated up to the sky The roof of this restaurant is covered in flowers, such as peonies, lilies and red, orange and yellow roses, combined with leaves and herbs. They can also be found on the tables, on the arch at the altar, in the bridal bouquet, in the fruit baskets, in the candelabras and candles. ‘A flor de…’ is the name of the florist chosen to decorate this part of the sky in a fresh and natural way. On the tables at the Belvedere you can also find the wedding menu designed by María Elena from Tuinvi creative, handmade in orange. Inside, you can appreciate the floral design, with orange lace and tassels hanging from the sealing wax of the envelopes. The bride and groom on high, extremely elegant Livia, the bride, was wearing the OLINDA dress by Manu Garcia, with a design from the new ‘Love Sewing’ collection, perfect for the venue with its bohemian style, neckline, lace and loose sleeves. The groom, Joan, in a design by Garrido Ceremonia, shined in a suit made up of a bright blue jacket with a black tie with a blue paisley pattern, along with a brooch that matched the flowers. Nastasia took care of the hair, makeup and photography, preparing the perfect combination to make the bride look incredible from every angle. The great professional was the Wedding Planner Natalia Ortiz, who planned to perfection every little detail on this great day. Now you know, if you too want a wedding up high, you just need to contact Perfect Venue. Are you ready to climb to the top with the success of your wedding?”

How did you two meet? 

We met on a trip to Porto. When I saw her, I wanted to meet her. She was taking photos with her friend. I offered to take photos of them together. She said yes. We started talking and the 4 of us decided to have dinner (me with my friend and she with her friend). The next day he writes to her but she doesn’t answer. I got very sad but 2 days later she called me and suggested to see us. So we started dating.

What’s your proposal story? 

Since we met on a trip, I decided to propose to him on a trip too. We went to Madrid for a few days. I found a proposal organizer and called her. She proposed to do them in Retiro Park. She organizes everything. I was just walking with my partner and suddenly we see a giant heart of rose petals. That’s when I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. She said yes.

What was your wedding vision? 

The idea was a space with sea views, since we love the sea. Our wedding planner suggested this restaurant with incredible views. My partner is the one who talked about all the details with the wedding planner. I only wanted sea views and something intimate.

Wedding Planning: Wedding and Events by Natalia Ortiz | Venue: Belvedere in Benidorm | Wedding Planning: Wedding and Events by Natalia Ortiz | Wedding Dress: manugarciacostura | Wedding Dress: Higar Novias | Groomsmen Attire: Garrido Ceremonia | Photography: Nastasiya Gusarova | Makeup: gusarova_makeup_es | Floral: aflorde | Invitations: TUINVI.CREATIVA | Hair: comooritoenpano | Submitted via: Matchology

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