I love the Bohemian chic style- it’s a very free-spirited, organic, creative and colourful movement, drawing inspiration from the hippie aesthetics of the 60’s and 70’s. I think the beach makes such a perfect setting for a Boho-chic wedding because it provides a natural, relaxed and harmonic environment.

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The Dress



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Long, flowing gypsy-like skirts made of lightweight material are quite popular in this style therefore a wedding dress  maintaining that lightness would be ideal for a Boho-chic style, not to mention it would be perfectly suited for the beach!

The Hair


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Tousled tresses/twists/plaits/locs, loose or pinned in a carefree updo and topped with a pretty flower crown, convey the natural beauty of the Boho-chic bride.

The Shoes

bohemian-beach-wedding-sandalsImages via BCBG Max Azria, ZIGIny

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Wedding sandals are  everywhere these days and there are so many stylish options. I particularly love the barefoot beach wedding sandals trend- the designs tend to be so artistic and pretty.

Décor and Details Bohemian Beach Wedding2Bohemian Beach Wedding3

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Laid-back fun should be the vibe for your Bohemian chic wedding. You can treat guests to Moroccan style seating, island cocktails served in coconuts and a picnic style buffet.

Your décor will combine an eclectic mixture of colours, patterns and influences into one cohesive balance. For my inspiration boards, I used soft pinks to balance out everything- it’s really easy to play around until you find a blend that suits you. This style is all about being individualistic.

Of course- one great place that epitomizes the unique, Boho-chic style is Etsy– where many of the dresses, flower crowns and sandals seen in this post can be found. You can browse there for more inspiration or check out blogs like Rock n Roll Bride which has an archive of stylish bohemian-chic weddings.

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