A beautiful and tropical wedding day in Boca Grande is what we bring you today! And a fun story behind the day as well … we’ll let you read on below! Robert & Clare had a beautiful day with their closest friends and family and we’re in love with it.

from Published & Pretty: “The sea breeze gently swirled through the trees on Boca Grande. We were convinced that this had to have been the most perfect weather that anyone has been a part of for a Gasparilla Inn & Club wedding. As the waves crashed onto the beach, their friends and family began to gather around. Waiting for what was to come next. With both hands Clare slid the knife into the cake, trying to cut the perfect slice. Robert’s hands then joined to help transfer the cake to the plate for her- his new bride. Their closest friends cheered and “awed” as they gently fed each other the cake. And then? A grin slid onto Clare’s face for what was to come next. Moments later, a surprise cake was brought out by The Gasparilla Inn & Club staff to celebrate the end of a 50 year long drought in Kansas City. The Chiefs had finally won the Super Bowl again. A moment that was so incredibly exciting for the guests and family (having been from Kansas themselves). But you see… this Super Bowl was even more remarkable for them. Because Robert and Clare, who live in Kansas City, not only shared a strong love for the Chiefs, but they share an unwavering passion. Including their sweet dog, so perfectly named, KC. And their commitment to their team was so strong, that they actually were in attendance at the Super Bowl in Miami. Six days prior. Yes, you read that right. And at that Super Bowl? They were able to cherish and celebrate this long awaited moment together. Seeing their team win the most prestigious game. A sight that some never see in a lifetime- never mind seeing it in person, just six days before their wedding. And then? Six days later, they celebrated another long awaited moment… The day they get to marry one another. Much like the 50 year awaited Chiefs win… their wedding day also ended what seemed to be a long-awaited moment (considering Robert knew Clare was ‘the one’ from their first time solo trip to Boca Grande together). Just like that… what Miami became to the Kansas City Chiefs what Boca Grande is to Clare and Robert. And together, with their families, they were all able to witness a milestone moment together, and celebrate with the ones that mean the most to them. Making this day, the day they marry their best friend, one more for the books.”

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