I have to tell you- I do feel extremely blessed to live here in the Caribbean. I love the warm weather, the friendly, welcoming nature of people from island to island, the diversity and richness of our culture and the gorgeousness of the scenery I get to take in every day.

So you have to forgive my bias but I think the Caribbean is an absolutely wonderful place to get married (and honeymoon) in!!!

Whether you’re a visitor paying tribute to the island experience or an islander who wants to celebrate our regional culture as a whole,  there’s so much inspiration to be had for a Caribbean Wedding theme. Here’s a sample of ideas:

Wedding Dresses (Long) for a Caribbean Wedding

Images- Rose and Ruby, Reem Acra, Romona KevezaCymbeline, Hayley Paige (Tom Concordia Photo)

Bear in mind- just because you are having a Caribbean wedding, it doesn’t meant that you can’t do a fierce ballgown with a long, beautiful train. That said, these ‘Destination’ type dresses, seen above, are really gorgeous, sexy and lightweight. I can’t fault anyone for choosing dresses like these for their Tropical wedding.

Wedding Dresses (Short) for a Caribbean Wedding

Images- Alfred Angelo, Dressily Me, Ivy and Aster (2), Fransesca Miranda, Monique Lhuillier

These snazzy little numbers are so cute and chic! If you’re having an outdoors wedding, be sure to pair your dress with a stylish pair of wedges or sandals. For more ideas check out our Pinterest Boards for Short and Sweet Wedding Dresses and Beach/Outdoors wedding shoes.

Hair Ideas for a Caribbean Wedding

Images- Brides, The Knotty Bride, Hair Comes The Bride

You might opt for an updo due to possible  humidity. Accessorize your style with beautiful tropical flowers such as orchids.

Caribbean Wedding Inspiration Board

caribbean-wedding-inspiration-boardImages- Wedding Chicks, Hostess with the Mostess, Style Me Pretty, The Pretty BlogPinterest

You can’t help loving the warm, vibrant colours seen at island carnivals everywhere. For me, bright colours reflect the joy, vitality and expressiveness of our Caribbean culture.

I love this palette combination of pink, peach, orange, green and white because the effect is chic, feminine and romantic with a distinctly Caribbean flavour.

Caribbean Wedding Appetizers

caribbean-wedding-appetizersImages- Vanilla Kitchen, Gr8mart, Blogs.food24, Chefette, Barbados Underground,Definitive Caribbean, Ztastylife, Pinch of YumAliya Leekong

So let me break it down- in the Caribbean we have some the best food in the world! The African, East Asian and Amerindian influences on our culture is definitely reflected in our dishes, some of which are found on every island with just slight variations on the recipes. If you are celebrating island style then great food definitely has to come into play. Here are some tasty appetizers for your Cocktail hour.

First Row| Left to Right:

Fishcakes- Tasty fritters made of salt fish (salted cod) and seasonings.

Somosas- Fried or baked pastries stuffed with vegetables or meat and spices.

Pumpkin Fritters- Sweet fritters with a hint of spice.

Second Row| Left to Right:

Rotis- Unleavened bread made of wholemeal flour. The Wrap Roti pictured above is filled with a curry stew, potatoes and meat or vegetables.

Flying Fish- This is the official national fish of Barbados and is a huge favourite locally (part of our national dish- ‘Cou-Cou and Flying Fish‘) and regionally.

Coconut Bread- A dense and delicious bread made with grated coconut.

Third Row| Left to Right:

Fruit Kebabs- It’s the Caribbean- of course serving fruit is a must! 🙂

Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce- This bread based pudding is popular worldwide but the addition of the rum sauce using a regional liquor adds a Caribbean twist.

Pone (cassava or cornmeal)- This sweet dessert has the consistency of a hard pudding and can be made using either cassava or cornmeal.

Caribbean Wedding Cocktails

caribbean-drinksImages- Islands, Fiery-Foods.com, The Web Restaurant StoreIslands, Nochelatina

Of course, in the Caribbean we are known for our drinks, just as much as we are for our food. Here are a few cocktails to get your party started (also check out our 25 Signature Cocktails for a Caribbean Wedding):

Left to Right:

The Ultimate Island Cocktail, Caribbean Rum Punch, The Hurricane, White Orchid, The Painkiller (click names for recipes)

Caribbean Wedding Music

Last but not least- cue up a playlist of Caribbean music and enjoy some island beats. Here are some artists you can check out:

For Mellow Vibes:




For Uptempo Rhythms:


Here’s hoping you enjoy your island style celebration! Need more ideas? Check out our  Tropical Inspiration Board on Pinterest.

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