I adore Carolina Herrera’s work so forgive me while I go all ‘Stan’ for a bit. I always felt that if I were ever so lucky and blessed to be able to wear whatever I wanted with money as no object- I would fill 90% of my closet with her designs. Her clothes are just so perfectly beautiful and sophisticated. The Spring 2014 collection is no exception.

Her whimsical play on lace presented exquisite details from Chantilly appliqués to hand-painted lace motifs. Several gowns have pretty metallic touches giving an overall impression of regal elegance. Classic silhouettes are delivered to suit the tastes of every bride and everything is so perfectly feminine! Carolina has said that it is her job to make her bride feel like a star- easy feat for anyone floating down the aisle in one of these dreamy concoctions.

Carolina-Herrera-7 Carolina-Herrera-8 Carolina-Herrera-9 Carolina-Herrera-10 Carolina-Herrera-5 Carolina-Herrera-4 Carolina-Herrera-2 Carolina-Herrera-1 Carolina-Herrera-6 Carolina-Herrera-3Images- Carolina Herrera

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