We do love a clean and minimal boudoir session, one that really loses the environment and focuses on the natural beauty of the subject. This session checks off all those boxes for us, and we are thrilled to share it here with you all!

from the photographer, Jennifer Hodder: “I approached the shoot as more of a story about how this gorgeous woman was just taking time for herself and just being present with her beautiful surroundings. Boudoir doesn’t need to be scandalous to be sexy, it can be tranquil and dreamy.

Italy has always held a romantic dream like allure for me so I thought it fitting that the room had a European style about it. From the rustic wood, marble table and white walls I don’t think you could hit the nail anymore on the head then if you had a lion sculpture on the wall.”

Robe: For Love & Lemons: Little Rosette Robe /  Film: Canadian Film Lab /  Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist:
Jenny McKinney /  Floral: Celsia Floral /  Styling: White Event Studio 
Bajan Wed