With a setting as gorgeous as themselves, Casey & Cam set out on the coastline at Corona del Mar for their engagement photos. With neutral tones that complimented the earth tones of the shore, it blended together perfectly to create a very editorial feeling session captured by Lauren Peterson.

from the photographer: “Much like their adventurous spirit, Casey and Cam’s love has taken them across so many beautiful destinations. They first met while working at the same tech company in Boston, and while Cam admired Casey from afar, he didn’t strike up the courage to ask Casey out on a date until 3 months later at their company party.
That first date was at the funky, yet elegant Bohemian eatery and Jazz bar that is the Beehive. After that first date, Cam and Casey were inseparable. They ventured to China and Mexico and moved cross-country to California all within their first year of dating. But throughout all of those adventures they always kept a special place in their hearts for the Beehive.
So when, 2 years later, as they were living by the beach in California, they decided to make a trip back to Boston to visit a close friend, Cam knew that it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. Under the guise of a reminiscent dinner at their old favorite spot, Cam planned a romantic proposal at the Beehive and had all of their friends waiting to surprise them next door.
In April, they returned to Mexico to recite their vows in front of their closest friends and family, and we decided to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary on the beaches of Little Corona del Mar, a nod to where they have decided to lay down their roots together.”

Photographer: Lauren Peterson

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