Amy Kuschel has an ‘Intimate Outdoors’ beach casual theme in her collection that would serve perfectly for brides getting married in the Caribbean. There are so many great options- short, long, modern and sexy, classic or vintage. Take a look:

Short Wedding Dresses

destination-wedding-dresses-Amy-Kuschel-2Summer| Olive | Mimosa | Daisy| Paige | Hepburn

Modern and Sexy:

destination-wedding-dresses-Amy-Kuschel-4Rosemary | Willow | Lavender | Saffron

Classic Elegance

destination-wedding-dresses-Amy-KuschelMeadow | Viva | Gardenia | Breeze | Azaela | Eureka

Vintage Chic

destination-wedding-dresses-Amy-Kuschel-3Margaret Ann| Magnificent Appeal | Hemingway | Audrey

Added Bonus- a fun 3-way gown with varying necklines!


You can see the full collection here.

Bajan Wed