Recently I was in Cave Shepherd (in Bridgetown) browsing around in the toy section and I happened upon two British tourists looking for décor items for a wedding. I thought it would be great idea to give you a list of places you can check out if you need supplies to DIY your Barbados wedding. This is a useful list for locals and visitors alike.

Flower Shops/Floral Supplies

Hastings Flower Mart Inc– they have handy supplies such as floral wire and water beads.

S.E Trading (TCD Rentals)- wholesale florist supplier, they also rent wedding items.

Craft/Art/Event Decorating Supply Stores

The Craft Shop (Laurie Dash)- great place to find a huge selection of DIY supplies and items for almost every event and hobby. Items can be a bit pricey but the range is fantastic.

Leandre’s– (mentioned in this post)- has a lovely and extensive range of wedding décor items. They also do rentals as well.

Pyoni Designs– (also mentioned in this post)- is another place where you can find a wide range of wedding décor items.

Samaroos Inc– (mentioned in the previous post as well) – you can find supplies like feathers, beads, masks, material, styrofoam sheets etc. there.

Department/General Stores

Cave Shepherd– 1st floor for wedding items and supplies. Also check out the 2nd floor in the household section for possible décor items if you want a statement piece for one of your tables etc.

Woolworth– you can get woven baskets, flower girl baskets, some craft supplies and one or two décor items. Selection is limited because it’s a general store.

Dollar Stores- the Three Dollar Store is a great place to browse for centerpiece ideas. I bought a shot glass at the outlet in Bridgetown, filled it with river rocks and topped it off with a flower blossom.  The Two Dollar store is better for favor ideas or shower gifts.

Fabric Stores

Abeds and Sewing World– these fabric stores are great places to check out for DIY backdrops, table runners etc. There are other fabric stores but these two have the widest range of fabrics and sewing materials.

Home Accents Sections/Stores

Natz Home Furnishings & Design Studio– this is a really nice home décor store- their artificial flowers are quite lovely and they have a large range of centerpiece bowls and vases. They are pricey but should be considered because they usually have items on sale. You can also find vase fillers there like river rocks and shells etc.

Gifts and Things is another really nice option but also pricey so look out for sale items. I bought an apothecary jar there that we used as our wishing well.

Pages Bookstore- many of their outlets have a few home accent items if you’re looking for a small, simple décor piece. They often have a few of those items on sale.

Wedding Supply Rentals:

In addition to Leandre’s, you can rent wedding décor items from the following:

Shalia’s (previous post)

Sunflower Events

This is not an exhaustive list but it’s a great place to start. I loved doing little DIY projects as a bride- it’s such a great outlet for creativity. If you have any questions feel free to drop me a line in the comments or e-mail me.

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