Happy Friday everyone! I have no idea about you, but I am so looking forward to doing absolutely nothing for this entire weekend! Of course, that’s not how it’s really going to go but hey, a girl can dream.

In any case, staring at these gorgeous accessories from the Enchanted Atelier Spring/Summer 2014 collection is like taking a nice mini trip to paradise- so come on and swoon with me.

Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Enchanted-Atelier-Spring-&-Summer-2014-2Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Enchanted-Atelier-Spring-&-Summer-2014-1Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Enchanted-Atelier-Spring-&-Summer-2014-8Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Enchanted-Atelier-Spring-&-Summer-2014-4Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Enchanted-Atelier-Spring-&-Summer-2014-7Wedding-Hair-Accessories-Enchanted-Atelier-Spring-&-Summer-2014-5Images- Wedding Chicks

Gorgeous, no? The vintage touches are especially nice. Anyway my lovelies, have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

Bajan Wed