You’re planning a wedding and thinking about a million things at once. After you find your venue, you get to consider all the ways you’ll experiment with the decor in the space and where you want to take pictures. Some brides find themselves working with a banquet hall, which presents both challenges and opportunities.

On one hand, banquet halls are welcoming. They have more than enough space for everyone, so you’ll never experience a cramped or claustrophobic dance floor. On the other hand, they often have expansive walls you don’t know what to do with.

Don’t leave yourself with blank walls at your wedding. Read on about enhancing the look of a banquet hall with curtains so you can find new ways to decorate the room. You’ll find the inspiration you’re looking for to pull together your wedding vision and make your big day a dream come true.

1. Tie Them Back

Banquet halls are everywhere, but especially in places with a view. They often have walls lined with windows that show off the scenery. They may even stretch from floor to ceiling, making a statement all by themselves. Add to the beauty of the windows by hanging curtains, then tie them back to enjoy the views.

City skylines, rolling mountains and breezy oceans look great in photos. You’ll see them better with classy tie-back options for your curtains that drape them elegantly along the sides of your windows.

photo by Josh & Dana Fernandez

2. Close the Curtains

Sometimes a banquet hall is beautiful but the surrounding area has dense trees, busy streets or parking lots. Make your venue a more private space by hanging curtains to close them. They’ll make a soft decor statement without taking away from whatever else you want to shine. Balance the closed curtains with the right lighting to play with the luxurious feel of the material.

3. Hang Above the Windows

You don’t need to hang curtains at the traditional level. You can easily hang them above the frame to add height. The windows will appear bigger and the ceiling taller, all while adding more beauty with the natural appearance of the curtains. Check with your venue to ask about hanging the curtains higher, since they may have the equipment already onsite.

4. Add a Personal Touch

Think about what you like when you choose the right window treatments, such as your wedding colors or patterns. Curtains with a soft color pair well with rustic, laid-back venues. Go for a bold red or gold metallic color in a dressy banquet hall. Whatever you choose, add a personal touch so you make the site look the way you want it for your big day.

5. Create a Backdrop Opportunity

Curtains don’t just belong on windows. They also create perfect backdrop opportunities. You can hang curtains from the wall or a stand as a selfie station for guests. Place the same stand and curtains behind your cake display or gift table for the same effect.

Many brides also hang curtains as the backdrop behind their altar. It all depends on the curtains you prefer and what you want to do with your banquet hall.

photo by Leah Barry

6. Wall Off Areas

The only downside to a banquet hall can be that everything has to happen in one space. There’s no sense of privacy unless you hang curtains to wall off specific areas. Curtains block off room for private dining areas or a separate space for the cake and gift tables. You might also use them to hide extra tables that lean against the wall or unsightly utility closets.

Imagine the Possibilities

Once you get past the traditional idea of curtains, you’ll see there are a million possibilities. Enhance the look of your banquet hall by using curtains in new ways, like as your alter decor or a photo backdrop. They’ll give your wedding a unique style that fits the theme and vibe you want from your ceremony and reception.

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