Summer is the perfect time to get outside and have some fun, especially at a wedding. Invite your closest friends and family for an intimate ceremony, but don’t forget a few essential steps that make any wedding a success. This is what you need to know about having a summer microwedding, no matter what themes or color schemes you prefer.

Planning a microwedding is easier than a massive ceremony, but things can still go wrong. Use these steps to plan the ultimate wedding and prepare yourself for anything.

1. Location Affects Humidity

Every summer bride has to deal with hot weather, but they often forget about the humidity. Low humidity makes scorching heat much easier to tolerate. Higher humidity levels will make your hair frizzy and cause your cake tiers to slide apart.

While you browse venues, research the average heat and humidity in that area. Visit it in advance to see if it’s too muggy to enjoy an outdoor ceremony or reception.

2. Holidays Add Fees

Wedding venues charge standard booking and cancelation fees, but the increased price for holiday ceremonies takes brides by surprise. They’re popular days to get married, so venue owners hike up their fees to make more money from the intense demand. Don’t forget to ask for estimates on holidays like Labor Day and the Fourth of July before submitting your deposit.

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3. Guests Need Extra Help

While you’re floating down the aisle and dancing the night away, your guests will have to sit around in the direct sunshine. Excessive natural heat causes 31% of heat-related deaths, so don’t forget to keep everyone comfortable. Provide shade and cold water if you want everything outside or split the activities between the inside and outside of your venue.

4. Menu Options Are Endless

Picking your reception food and cocktail appetizers may feel limited, but not when you have a summer microwedding. Depending on what you and your guests would like, you can choose from endless options like barbecue sliders, sushi bars or grazing tables. You won’t need hot soups to warm everyone up or pumpkin spices to match the season.

5. Put Your Money Elsewhere

Saving money is one of the most significant benefits of having a microwedding. You won’t need to buy as many meals, drinks or wedding favors. Your vendors also won’t charge much to prep for a small group of ten to twenty people. 

Put your money elsewhere after you purchase the few supplies your wedding requires. Splurge on your dress or a bachelorette party. It may also help to throw a few extra dollars in your honeymoon fund. Summer is a peak time for many vacation spots, so businesses in those places will charge more for your hotel room and local activities. Have fun without financial stress by taking advantage of your smaller ceremony.

Enjoy the Planning Process

These are the five main things you should know about having a summer microwedding, but you should also try to have fun. Enjoy the simplified planning process to soak in every minute of being a bride. You’ll create lasting memories by dwelling in the moment and not tomorrow’s worries.

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