Do you dream of getting married on a sandy beach or surrounded by the white-capped Alps? You’re not alone — one in four couples chooses a destination wedding, a venue in another state or country.

There’s an event before the wedding that’s important, too — the bachelorette party. How soon before the wedding should you set the date? Where’s the best location for the venue?

To discover the answer, read the six tips below.

Start the Party Early

When you plan a destination wedding, some guests won’t be able to afford the trip. Others may not have time to take off work. Because of this, many brides plan the bachelorette party in or near their hometown.

On your wedding day, you may have your closest BFFs around — or, you may not. A bachelorette party near your hometown is a chance to celebrate with the girls before the big day. Then, they can send you off in style.

Plan Three Months Ahead

If you’re planning a bachelorette party, you want to be sure to get a good head start — one to three months ahead is ideal. If you’re planning your wedding for Oct. 19 — the most popular date of the year — you’ll ideally start planning on July 19.

Before you pick a venue, the first step is to create a guest list. Once you know how many people you plan to invite, you can determine the number of invitations to purchase and which venues to research.

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Give Plenty of Notice

Don’t blindside guests with a big event. Instead, give plenty of notice by sending out invitations and pre-stamped RSVP cards at least four weeks in advance. Double-check your addresses are up to date to prevent invites from getting returned or lost in the mail.

If you plan to host your bachelorette party in another state or country, you’ll want to give more notice — three to four months at least. If travel is involved, guests will need to set aside money and schedule time off work. Give as much notice as possible to receive the highest turnout.

Make the Trip an Adventure

Some brides-to-be are taking the bachelorette party to the next level. Instead of flying straight to the wedding destination, they’re planning an adventure of epic proportions with their gal-pals. If you live in New York City and plan to get married in Athens, why not stop for a few nights in Barcelona or Monte Carlo?

Instead of staying in a hotel, make the trip an experience by camping in style, aka glamping. Stay in a luxury tent with multiple rooms, air conditioning, electrical outlets, couches, chairs, cots and more. You’ll have everything you need to enjoy nature — without the mosquitoes and poison ivy.

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Celebrate in a New City

One great way to celebrate is to choose a city you’ve never explored. Some of the wildest cities for a bachelorette party include Cancun, Key West, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami. If you’d rather spend your time relaxing instead of partying, consider Denver, Houston, Nashville, San Francisco or Seattle.

Plan how you want to celebrate before you arrive. For example, 83% of pre-nuptial partiers said a bar was on the agenda, while 53% preferred adult entertainment. Read reviews online before you go to determine which places will have the atmosphere you’re looking for.

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Pre-Game Your Nuptials

A bachelorette party the night before the big day can be exciting. Have fun in the hours leading up to your ceremony, filled with the friends, food and activities you enjoy most. The party will get you excited to say your vows.

Research areas around your venue to plan where to go. Maybe there’s a nearby casino or to-die-for restaurant. Drink cocktails on the beach or dance the night away at a club. Don’t forget to ask the attending BFFs for their suggestions — they may come up with a fun idea you’ve never thought of.

Do you plan to skip the hometown wedding? If so, you’re not alone. A destination wedding is an opportunity to explore a new place with the people you love most. For most destination brides, choosing where and when to host the bachelorette party can be a tough task. Follow the six tips above to decide what’s best for you.

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