Once you’ve decided your wedding will be in a special place, you have to hash out which location is the right one for you, your fiancé and your guests. The range of destinations you can choose from doesn’t narrow it down either — from a beach paradise to a European getaway, you can walk the aisle in countless stunning areas.

What matters, in the end, is what will suit your distinct wedding. Fortunately, you can check off a few categories to determine which location can serve as the perfect setting for the start of your journey as a married couple. Here are five steps for choosing your destination wedding location.

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1. Consider Your Guests

Although your tastes and style are crucial, you also have to factor in your guests as you pick a location. Hosting a large wedding overseas can require more preparation than you’d like. Establish an approximate number of guests for the ceremony so that you can rule out destinations that won’t work for such a group.

The accessibility of your chosen destination may change who you invite. For instance, you may have to alter your plans to account for elderly family members or families with small children. While the experience may be memorable for them in the end, you’ll need to help them make the decision to spend the time, money and effort traveling for your wedding.

2. Set a Budget

The cost and style of your wedding can set the level of luxury for your destination. Flying to far-flung parts of the world might cause you to tighten your budget in other areas, but you can make the call on where to splurge. Planning out the budget can save you from spending on things you don’t value.

If you’re eyeing a particular kind of venue in another country, like a castle or historic building, compare the prices beforehand. If you’re considering exotic destinations, remember that all-inclusive resorts or cruises can help you maintain a straightforward budget while offering plenty of pampering.

3. Research Activities and Excursions

As a couple, there are almost definitely activities you enjoy and want to incorporate into your wedding. Whether you’re a calm pair that enjoys relaxation or you’re more of an avid hiking duo, you can choose a location with pastimes that match your tastes. In your itinerary, make time to explore the destination and participate in fun hobbies.

One option is to take a cruise with stops at captivating spots. Some cruises offer chances to scuba dive, eat delicious cuisine and wander through local markets while in port. Other destinations can provide rich honeymooning opportunities after your wedding if you’re extending your stay. Many choose the Caribbean as a wedding and honeymoon destination for its shopping and water attractions.

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4. Find the Right Accommodations

To ease your guests’ burdens, locate a destination with several accommodation types close to your venue. Each of your guests has their own budget and needs, so opting for an area with different hotels, inns and Airbnbs is just considerate.

With a dreamy wedding in France, decent rooms may have steep prices at the time of year you’re going. If more affordable lodging is located further away, your guests could have trouble getting to and from your ceremony.

Scout out a destination with rooming for everyone to help your guests. Depending on the length of the stay, guests might even be comfortable with a high-end hotel for a night or two.

5. Judge the Season and Weather

As many destination weddings are outdoor affairs, yours might be too. If so, you should weigh your options against the kind of weather you can expect during the season. Tropical climates feature warm weather year-round, but you might get rained on. If you’re worried about getting drenched in your veil, avoid the rainy season.

Cold weather areas may attract you and your future spouse with the promise of skiing and a snow-covered landscape. You can find better deals during the winter in chilly places, but watch the weather to ensure you’re arriving in time for the snow.

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Select a Delightful Destination Wedding Location

As you figure out the ideal place to hold your destination wedding, you should follow these five critical steps. Moving forward in your wedding planning requires a decision on a spectacular destination, so determine what a must-have location looks like for your big day.

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