Many brides dream of having a destination wedding. They’re always in gorgeous locations that may be far from home. The idea of getting married in a fairy tale location while also having staff ready to help makes the entire process seem easier.

Then you have to decide how you’ll customize your wedding, which is when things can get a bit sticky. Destination weddings can make brides feel like they’re limited in their decorating options. Resorts may have supplies on hand, or it could be difficult to ship the decor you’d prefer to your location.

Here are some unique ways you can customize your destination wedding, no matter where it is. All you need is the right inspiration.

1. Work with Your Venue

The most important thing you can do is communicate with your venue. Planners need to know what you want your wedding to look like, how you want it to happen and which parts you’ll enjoy the most. They’ll have worked with other brides before, so they’ll be used to altering ceremonies.

You may feel like you’re locked into whatever they already have on hand once you sign the contract, but that’s not necessarily true. It’s always good to speak with people at the venue about any concerns you might have. If they can’t make things happen the way you want, they’ll at least know how to get you the next best thing.

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2. Send Guests Daily Notes

Don’t forget that your guests will be traveling to get to your wedding. While it’s something to be celebrated, traveling can still be a hassle, especially for those who have kids. They’re giving up their time for your big day, so give them some of yours in return. Send them daily notes to thank them for being there and help them get used to the area.

Notes can be delivered to their rooms by hotel or resort staff every morning. Each daily letter can point out something fun happening in the area on that day, or something their family would enjoy. It’ll be a big help to guests who don’t know what to do in the days before your wedding, and it’ll personalize the entire trip.

3. Make Your Own Invitations

Customization doesn’t have to happen after you get to your resort. In fact, most of your planning will occur long before you ever board your plane. Have you thought about how you’ll design your invitations yet?

Invitations are sent out far in advance of your wedding so people can save the date and get the best airline tickets. They’re easy to customize and design to match the theme of your wedding or the venue where it will be held.

Another way to make your invitations even more personalized is to use letterpress printing. Find a printer with font styles you love and work together on a concept. Letterpress printing gives your invites a definite Pinterest vibe.

4. Blend Favorite Foods with Local Ones

Going to a new place means trying different foods, especially if your destination wedding is in another country. Your venue may already have a kitchen with a standard menu but talk with them about working in some of your favorite foods too.

You may be getting married on the beach in Mexico, but you can still have barbecue for dinner. Blending local foods with your favorites is an easy way to customize your wedding without having to ship anything there before you arrive.

photo by Callie Manion

5. Try to Monogram Everything

Monogramming at your wedding is a great way to personalize things. You can monogram napkins, cups, napkin holders or even goodie bags.

Monograms will add a personal touch to what otherwise might feel like a typical resort wedding. It also makes it easy for people to take mementos home. Even if you end up snatching a few cloth napkins to frame or use in your own house, the monogram will remind you of your wedding day.

6. Host Activities for Guests

The main concern guests will have once they arrive at your destination is figuring out what to do. This is easier for singles or couples to decide on, but families may find it more frustrating to fill their free time.

Don’t let your guests get bored. Host activities for them around the resort. Is there a biking trail everyone can enjoy? Maybe you can load up some coolers and invite everyone to the beach. There’s also unique entertainment specific to your locale.

Think about your guest list. How many people do you expect will be there and what are their age ranges? This will help you figure out how to host activities your guests will enjoy.

photo by Callie Manion

A Custom Creation

If you’re planning a destination wedding, you’re about to experience the ceremony of your dreams. Think about how you want to customize your big day so you can enjoy every second while you’re there. The little things you do will make the experience memorable and something that’s true to who you are.

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