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The wedding industry is a competitive world where vendors always need to stay ahead of the trends. Brides may prefer historical venues one year and barn venues the next. Then, there are preferences in decor and catering to think about, which challenges vendors to learn what brides want before they want it.

People who own banquet halls interact with brides looking to host either their entire wedding or just their reception. They may approve of the banquet hall’s rental price or ample space for seating — but is it eye-catching enough to seal the deal? When compared with other vendors, banquet halls need to step up their game to achieve all the beauty and elegance of traditional venues.

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Read on to learn about some popular modern design ideas for grand banquet halls. Brides will love these features because they make the property look fantastic in person and in pictures. Consider adding these elements to your banquet hall for more success with future wedding bookings.

1. Install Custom Lighting

Many large conference rooms and banquet halls have standard lighting. Fluorescent bulbs may work for business meetings and the budget, but they don’t have the charm that brides want in a venue. That’s why it’s smart to install custom lighting in your grand banquet hall. You can tailor the lighting to the size and design of your space to show off the room.

Hang special chandeliers above the altar, bar setup or seating area. If your banquet hall has exposed ceiling beams, use them to hang Edison bulbs or fairy lights for a warm glow you just can’t get from standard light bulbs.

2. Mix Up the Seating Arrangements

Modern interior design uses a variety of shapes and materials to play with seating arrangements. While some brides may enjoy the old setup of standard tables lining the dance floor or rows of chairs extending from the altar, banquet halls have more space to use.

Mix up seating arrangements by using both round and rectangular tables. Find chairs in different materials, like ghost chairs made entirely of glass. When you offer something a little different, it makes the banquet hall more customizable for brides wanting something new.

3. Hang Special Drapery

Brides often point out that while banquet halls have space to work with, they often also have large empty walls that look boring when compared to the decor and altar. Consider hanging special drapery in your grand banquet hall so it looks different for every wedding.

You can combine taupe fabric with the altar, hang drapery from the ceiling or use it to cover unsightly areas like storage closets. Work with each bride to strategize how drapery can enhance their seating and reception table arrangements. Billowing white fabric adds a magical touch to any space that needs a bit more help to look extra-special.

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4. Install Capri Floors

Banquet halls commonly have carpeted or hardwood floors. They’re easy to install and often work with the property’s budget during construction, but they don’t do much for the interior design of the room. Instead, owners can add timeless beauty if you consider installing floors that use marble borders and medallions to form picturesque formal rooms.

Capri floors fit any wedding theme and also add an elegant touch to the banquet hall when people use it for community dinners and business meetings. Another bonus is that these floors add value to the property, bringing in more profits and guests because of the luxurious design.

5. Choose Neutral Paint Colors

Many modern banquet halls use neutral paint colors because they’ll look classy even after current trends fade. Light pewter paints or colors with gray undertones fit in with traditional and contemporary venues, so you’ll never have to worry that a paint color will look out of place for banquet hall events.

Consider the Space

Although it’s easy to think that banquet halls must all look the same, they each offer different features that owners and brides must take into consideration. Lighting options, paint colors and flooring all play a big role in creating a modern interior design scheme, so think about the space you’re working with to find the best tips to transform the banquet hall.

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