Let’s face it: You’ll already be glowing on your wedding day, as it’s set to be one of the best of your life. Still, you want to ensure your skin looks its best before you walk down the aisle, smiling — and maybe happy-crying a little — as you go. Here are eight simple ways to do just that.

1. Start Early

You can’t dive into a skincare routine the week before your wedding and expect instant results. Instead, you should start your dermal regimen far in advance of the big day. If you don’t already have a cleansing and moisturizing plan, find one that works for you ASAP.

Not everyone knows what works for their type of skin, so brush up on all the different products you can use and what they might be able to do for you. For instance, a cleanser washes away impurities, but you can add toner to remove what the first wash has left behind. Try out products until you find the ones that make your skin look and feel great.

2. Hydrate

About 64 percent of your skin is made up of water, so it makes sense that proper hydration can keep you looking your best. Although there’s no scientific research to back up the claim that drinking water improves the skin, dermatologists have noted that it seems to do so.

Some say properly hydrated people have less dull skin, and their pores and wrinkles appear less defined. On top of that, it seems that water intake can ward off breakouts, and you’ll want that kind of protection in the lead-up to your walk down the aisle.

You can further aid your skin by eating hydrating foods. Watermelons, strawberries, milk, spinach and cucumbers are among some of the most water-rich options.

3. Exfoliate — Your Elbows

Here’s an interesting skin-centric tip that many brides forget. If you plan on wearing a sleeveless or otherwise arm-bearing dress, don’t forget your elbows. You can very easily soften this area with a weekly bath, as long as you pour sodium bicarbonate salts into the tub with you. The salts will not only soothe dry patches, but they’ll also prepare your skin to soak up the moisturizer you slather onto it. By your wedding day, your smooth elbows won’t grab anyone’s attention — and that’s a good thing.

4. Sweat

Many brides plan a prewedding workout routine so they look and feel their best on their big day. Such a regimen can do wonders for your skin, too, since sweat helps purge impurities from the epidermis. Sweat also contains an antibiotic to fight bacteria, keeping skin clean. On top of that, circulation improves postworkout. Oxygen-rich blood reaches the surface of your skin, which can plump up smaller wrinkles and fortify collagen.

5. Protect Your Lips

That first kiss as a married couple will be even sweeter with plump lips — we promise. If you live in a windy or dry climate, start defending your pout now with a balm that’ll keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun. Make sure it also contains SPF. Even if you don’t have dry or chapped lips, start taking care of them before your wedding anyway — it’s much easier to keep such damage at bay than it is to repair it before the ceremony.

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6. Rest Up

Prewedding jitters might keep you up at night, but try your best to catch your Zs, especially in the lead-up to your wedding day. Adults need about seven to nine hours of shut-eye at the end of every day. Make sure you get enough, so your skin — like the rest of your body — has the chance to refresh and renew itself overnight.

7. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

When’s the last time you shampooed your makeup brushes? It turns out that these sets can carry quite a bit of bacteria and, if you’re struggling with breakouts or any other skin issue, your dirty brushes can exacerbate the problem. Wash them routinely — you can DIY it with a combination of olive oil and dish soap. Rinse them thoroughly, let them dry and reuse them without worrying they’ll cause any skin-related woes on your wedding day and beyond.

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8. Schedule a Facial

This one sounds horrible, doesn’t it? Monthly facials can help you in the lead-up to your wedding if you have any skin discoloration or lingering issue with acne. An esthetician can come up with a tailored deep-cleaning regimen, and they can advise you how to maintain the results at home. Regular visits — many brides will go once a month prenuptials — can give you glowing skin just in time for your walk down the aisle.

Let It Glow

With these eight tips, your skin will be glowing at your wedding, and not just because you’re thrilled to be saying “I do.” In other words, it’ll reflect just how incredible you feel on the inside as you marry your love in front of your family and friends — and that’s precisely how you want to look on such a special day.

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