Starting your day with a cup of coffee is a ritual most people enjoy. It fills you with energy to take on the rest of your day and it’s fun to try all the different flavors and brewing techniques.

Most people spend their days looking forward to when they can fill up their next mug, but you can get more coffee in your life by trying out different beauty products. Keep your usual beauty products on standby and have fun experimenting with something new.

Check out these ten coffee-based beauty products for brides that will help you achieve your bridal look before your wedding day. Enjoy the smell and feel of having more coffee in your life, without spending more time washing your mugs and coffee baskets.

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1. Coffee Body Wash

Finding the right body wash is something that may take time and practice. Certain bottles may look nice or have a great price, but that doesn’t always guarantee that your skin won’t react badly.

Instead of trying out random bottles of body wash at the store, try a coffee-based body wash. When coffee beans are ground up and infused into soothing body wash, it dives deep into your skin to soften and firm it. Some brands may even have washes that don’t smell like coffee, so you can use as much as you want as often as you’d like.

2. Java Night Repair

During the day, you skin protects you from everything you come in contact with. It’s your body’s barrier against the world, so it’s normal for your skin to need some help at the end of the day. When that moment comes, try Estée Lauder’s Night Repair serum after washing your face clean before bed. It uses coffee beans as one of its core ingredients to minimize puffiness and dry skin.

3. Green Coffee Detox Booster

Planning your wedding involves a fair amount of stress, which leaves your skin tired. Clarin’s Booster Detox invigorates tired and dull skin so you have a radiant complexion in the months leading up to and during your wedding. Apply it overnight to see a next-day difference in your skin.

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4. Coffee Eye Cream

Stress and allergies may make your eyes puffy and irritated, but coffee can help with that. The next time you’re at the store, check out 100% Pure’s Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream. Because it contains no toxins, it won’t irritate sensitive or dry skin while it uses soothing antioxidants and caffeine to banish puffiness around your eyes.

5. DIY Exfoliating Scrub

Not all beauty products have to come from a store. If you have coffee grounds at home, they’ll make a beautiful exfoliating scrub you can use morning and night. Mix them with brown sugar and coconut oil for an easy and quick beauty solution.

6. Water Retention Coffee Cream

Whether it’s stress or hormones, brides sometimes struggle with excess water retention. If you apply a cream or lotion with a coffee base, you’ll quickly notice a difference. It breaks down fat cells and releases extra water so you can get back to wearing your favorite rings and clothing.

7. Java Lip Balm

Beauty care includes your lips, which you want to be picture perfect for your big I Do kiss. Coffee goes a long way in healing raw or chapped lips, so test out Hurraw’s Coffee Bean Balm the next time your lips feel sensitive. The coffee bean oil mends your lips on a cellular level and the added raw chocolate taste doesn’t hurt anything either.

8. Coffee Extract Mist

After you’ve enjoyed your morning coffee and want to get ready for the day, spray a coffee extract mist on your clean skin before applying makeup. Origins Energy-Boosting Lotion Mist brings life to your skin and kickstarts its healing, repairing and protecting it all day long.

9. Coffee Bean Perfume

Your beauty routine is meant to help your skin and make you smell great, so cut straight to the chase with coffee bean perfume. Because of its popularity, you can choose from different fragrances to find the one you like. Depending on what you buy, your skin will feel and smell better at the same time.

10. Java Themed Cleanser

Brides worry about their skin breaking out just before their wedding, but a java themed cleanser will prevent that from happening. Swap out your current facial wash for Priori Coffeeberry Revitalizing Cleanser instead. Starting from your first use, it gently removes makeup and oil to cleanse your pores and even your skin tone.

Have Fun Exploring

Make your wedding planning experience more fun by exploring all the different coffee-based beauty products on the market. They’ll revitalize your skin and amp up your beauty routine by using something you look forward to every day.

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