Crafting the wedding of your dreams is a long process filled with tough decisions, especially in a world where COVID-19 makes everything uncertain. You may have imagined a ceremony with hundreds of guests at your favorite indoor venue, but now that must change to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Brides are learning to adjust their wedding planning process because of the coronavirus, even when it comes to picking out jewelry. Instead of going to different stores and trying things on, you’re stuck with shorter operating hours and fewer in-person appointments.

Read on for unique ways to shop for wedding jewelry in today’s economy. You can still have fun and enjoy the planning process, especially when deciding on the details of your jewelry.

Browse Jewelry Online

Nearly every business has shifted to online stores so that customers can keep shopping while they quarantine at home. You’ll have more virtual options than ever before, so take a look around. Research local jewelry shops you would have visited in person and see if other out-of-state or international locations sell other accessories online.

Browsing jewelry on the internet gives you more opportunities to see what you like and dislike, narrowing your options and making your final decision a breeze.

Wear 3D Rings

It’s hard to know which engagement rings will look good on you or your partner’s hand. Now, fortunately, there’s a way to upload a picture and try on 3D rings. This setup is the perfect way to find the best engagement ring or experiment with different wedding bands. 

Before you browse, be sure to determine your budget. You should also understand the four Cs — cut, carat, clarity and color. Knowing about these four terms will help you determine the quality of a ring and if the price is reasonable. 

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Video Chat With Experts

Business owners have learned the importance of video chatting with customers, so jewelry store staff and management may be willing to set up a virtual appointment. Make sure you use that time to ask questions. You can also get them to display jewelry from different angles, so you’ll know what it looks like in person.

Look For Alternative Shops

COVID-19 caused many people to lose their jobs, so budget shopping is likely the most important thing on your mind. Chain brand and independent jewelry stores often upcharge their products, so look for alternative places. Pawnshops, for example, offer items at an excellent value — plus, you can find unique items you can’t get anywhere else. 

Search for Virtual Estate Sales

People still need to sell goods at estate sales and yard sales, so they’ve moved their inventory online — like the website EBTH, which is short for Everything but the House. You can also look for posts on your town website and local social media groups.

Most sales will likely have vintage necklaces, bracelets and cufflinks. The owners will want the inventory gone as fast as possible, so you’ll find high-quality jewelry at low prices. You can always send your purchases off for inspection if you have any questions about the gemstones.

Keep an Open Mind When It Comes to Wedding Jewelry

It’s hard to accept that wedding planning steps will change for the foreseeable future, but it’s easier to cope if you keep an open mind. These tips are great ways to shop for jewelry in today’s economy while staying safe from COVID-19. Once you jump into jewelry shopping, you might be surprised at the many options at your fingertips compared to looking around in person.

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