Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Because of this, you likely want to get a ton of pictures taken to remember the day. However, in addition to the wedding photos, you may want to take some casual selfies at the same time.

While your professional photos will certainly come out incredibly, you also want the same for your selfies. There are several things that can make a difference in how your selfies turn out.

Get Some Good Lighting

One of the most important aspects of a great bridal selfie is lighting. Lighting can change the way your selfie looks and can certainly improve (or ruin), the photo. For best results, use natural light. It can provide a warming glowing effect to your skin, and ensure you look your best. 

The light should be subtle and can be either behind you or in front. If your wedding is at night and there is no natural light to be found, try finding some soft lighting in the venue to get the best selfie possible. Be sure to try out different light sources and different angles to find which is the most flattering.

Avoid Exaggerating Your Smile

Your smile. It is certainly one of the most important parts of a flawless selfie. Unfortunately, many people don’t like their smile and will attempt to “fake it” for the photo. While some can do this, it can be quite obvious when someone is fake smiling or trying too hard. Instead of trying to find the perfect fake smile, just smile naturally.

Your natural smile makes you look happier and incorporates your entire face into the smile. If you have trouble smiling naturally on cue, try to think of something that makes you happy or that you find funny. You could even have someone off camera trying to make you smile in order for this to be achieved easier.

Hold the Phone a Little Higher

The position that you hold the phone can also be important when it comes to a great selfie. In most cases, you want to hold the phone a little higher and angle this down. This will cause you to slightly look up, which can improve the shape of your face and the sharpness of your jawline.

Looking up will often also cause your eyebrows to slightly raise, which can make your eyes look a little bigger, which can often be a good look for some. Of course, putting it too high can look a little awkward and make the photo uncomfortable to take, so do it in a fairly subtle manner.

Don’t Forget About the Background

While you are generally the main subject of your selfies, you generally aren’t the only thing in the photo. There is also a background. When taking a selfie, you always need to be aware of what else will be in the photo. The last thing you want is for an otherwise beautiful photo to be ruined by something (or someone) in the background. The background is especially important to take into consideration when taking a mirror selfie. Facetune’s guide for mirror selfies shared some great tips on how to master it.

While things can be cropped out, it is easier to just choose a setting with a decent and unobstructed background. You also don’t want the background to be too busy, as a subtle and fairly plain background is often better for selfies.

Practice Makes Perfect

The average person takes hundreds of selfies every year, and only a select few of those actually get sent, shared, or posted. As a result, many “practice” photos are taken. These can be beneficial when it comes to finding your preferred pose or angle.

In addition to taking some practice photos, don’t be afraid to practice your selfie photo in the mirror without a camera. This can feel awkward but is certainly a good way to find how you think you look the best. Even using a video and looking at each individual frame can be a useful tool.

The Best Wedding Selfies Possible

Your wedding is a big day, and you want all of the pictures from that day to turn out as best as possible. If you follow the tips outlined in this article, you will be well on your way to taking the best bridal selfie possible. 

Author: Ashley Lipman

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