Planning your wedding is an exciting and stressful time of life. You get to try on dresses and ask your friends to be your bridesmaids, taking pictures at each step so you save every memory. These decisions can also feel like a weight on your shoulders as your wedding gets closer, but you don’t have to live with constant stress until you walk down the aisle.

Check out six things you can do to combat wedding planning stress so you can enjoy every moment. When you take care of yourself, you’ll experience pre-wedding bliss even when you feel overwhelmed.

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1. Breathe Before Discussions

Before you get on the phone with your planner, caterer or florist, take a few deep breaths. When you breathe deeply and slowly, you’ll lower your blood pressure and ease your anxiety. You’ll always have a clear head during your meetings and never rush to a decision just to get your stress out of the way.

2. Accomplish What You Can

Even if you have weeks or months to make a decision, get things done early. If you find your dress six to eight months before your wedding, you’ll more easily match your bridesmaids’ gowns and know how you want to pose for bridal portraits. Every detail connects to others, so early decisions will help everything else fall into place.

3. Eat a Better Diet

When you feel anxious, don’t reach for ice cream or a bag of chips. Eating a healthy diet will combat wedding planning stress by fueling your body with the nutrients it needs. Natural food like blueberries, whole grains and fish decrease widespread inflammatory effects┬áthat lead to crushing feelings of stress or anxiety in the months before your ceremony.

4. Start a Self-Care Routine

Stress can also be a sign that your body needs some attention. You can form a better routine and practice daily self-care habits by finding what eases your anxiety. A nightly bath, daily journaling or even organizing your home could be what you need to slow down and recharge your spirit.

photo by Jess Leigh Photographer

5. Get Outside Often

Feeling cooped up in your home or glued to your computer adds irritation to your anxiety. As often as possible, get outside to breathe fresh air. One recent study found that people who spent time in nature reduced multiple stress levels, according to psychometric and biometric data. An evening walk or biking down a local trail will remind you how special this time of life is and how close you are to marrying the love of your life.

6. Take Social Media Breaks

Instead of spending your night flipping through posts for bridal inspiration, take a break and put your electronics down. Adding new details and possibilities to the plans swirling around in your mind will only add stress to your day. Give yourself a break so you can return to your planning with a fresh outlook and a clear vision of what you want.

Work With Your Fiance

Brides are the center of attention when it comes to weddings, but you can pull everything together alongside your fiance. Talk with them about how they envision your big day and what they want. They’ll throw ideas around and help you come to decisions more quickly, so you’re less stressed and more starry-eyed at the thought of getting married.

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