It used to be that after you got married, you and your new spouse would travel off to a romantic honeymoon destination. Whether you planned to be there for a week, two weeks or even a month, it was supposed to be bigger than any normal vacation you might take.

That may have been more possible in previous decades, but now it’s more common to find tighter wedding budgets. Couples often prefer to spend more money on a big day to remember, rather than another vacation.

That’s why the mini-moon trend began. Mini moons are a way for newly married couples to still get away and let go of any wedding planning stress or nerves, without spending more money than they have.

To get a better idea of what’s possible read up on all these amazingly romantic mini-moon getaways for newlyweds. You may be inspired to vacation somewhere you’d never considered before.

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1. Napa Valley, California

People travel out to Napa Valley every year for its beautiful scenery and all the opportunity for relaxation. The main thing you’ll have to save up for if you decide to go to Napa Valley is either where you stay or what you’ll do.

There are plenty of luxury villas to choose from in the Napa Valley area if you’d like to go all out on a place with a giant room, five-star spa and in-house restaurants.

Or you can save some extra cash to go to the best wine tastings and tours. If you and your future spouse are proud of your wine knowledge, that may be what would be more valuable to you out of a trip to Napa Valley.

The valley is a quiet destination that’s perfect for getting away, all without charging you extra like traditional tourist spots.

2. Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Ever wanted to go diving with the love of your life? You don’t need to spend lots of money just to get to a diving destination. Playa del Carmen in Mexico is known as one of the top diving destinations in the world, and the plane tickets there have dropped in price over the years.

Once known for being a fishing village, Playa is now a bustling town filled with things to do and wild spider monkeys to take pictures of. When you’re not diving under the waves, you can explore the ruins of the Coba Mayan Village just outside the city.

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3. Washington, D.C.

Going to a big city like New York is lots of fun, but you end up having to spend a ton of money. Big cities make tourists pay for everything from WiFi to daily parking at their hotel, which adds up quickly.

Instead, get that same big city vibe by visiting Washington, D.C. Almost everything to do there is free, so all you must pay for is where you stay and what you eat. You can still see great historic places like the Smithsonian and Ford’s Theater without paying big ticket prices up front at every location.

4. Ocean City, New Jersey

Another great place people love to travel to is Ocean City, New Jersey. It’s a romantic beach getaway that’s perfect for newlyweds, even if you have a strict budget.

Before you try to book the cheapest motel you can find, check out the bed and breakfasts that cater to newlyweds. They often come at very affordable prices, so you still get a romantic place to stay when you’re not out strolling along the boardwalk.

5. Sea Island, Georgia

Make the rest of the world fall away by taking a mini moon in Sea Island. You’ll get all the romance of a beach vacation without the tourist attractions or high-rise condos.

Instead, stay in a charming hotel on the beach and spend your days horseback riding, boating or relaxing on the private beaches. There won’t be major crowds to fight once you get there and decide what you want to do.

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico

You may think that the key to saving money on a newlywed trip would be to watch where you stay, but it can also come down to what you eat. In San Juan, there are plenty of places to stay at, but it’s also a place bursting with restaurants.

While you’re there, look for the cheaper restaurants that are more like booths. They’re called kioskos, and they’ll have the best authentic Puerto Rican food you’ll find. Skip the chain restaurants, since you can visit one of those anytime while you’re out on a date.

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7. Newport, Rhode Island

Rhode Island is one of those places that feels like a complete discovery the first time you go. Newport is a location many couples visit, and its main attraction is totally free.

Spend your afternoon roaming the famous Cliff Walk, and when you’re done with that, you can see the many historic locations in the area or any of the local festivals. Make sure to stop at a Mom and Pop’s type restaurant for the amazing local seafood at a much more affordable price.

8. Lake Placid, New York

No matter what time of year you’re getting married, you can always hit the road after your reception and head to Lake Placid, New York. It has festivals and activities all year round at very affordable prices.

Book a room in a cabin, rent a camper or set up a tent just outside the lake. There are cheap rental shops around if you want to go kayaking and paddle boarding. Don’t forget all the hiking around the lake, plus the white sand beaches meant for relaxing and watching the sunset.

Find the Right Vacation

Ultimately, the right mini moon for you and your future spouse will depend on a few factors. You’ll have to decide how long you want to go and what your budget will be. After that, you can find the perfect vacation spot for your mini moon.

Go all out on your romantic suite or dine out every night while you stay somewhere more budget friendly. Or save all the money you can by staying on a lake and passing the time with lots of outdoor activities.

Whatever you choose will end up being a great mini moon and the perfect way to start your marriage off right, without overspending.

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