Anniversary sessions are special times to celebrate what has happened, and what is still to come. For this couple, their anniversary session was a special milestone because shortly afterward they started preparing to welcome a new child! We fell in love with the dreamy backdrops in their Scotland session, and the love these two show for each other.

from the photographer, Andyourstory Photography:

This is a very special anniversary session I photographed in Scotland, on a remote island called Isle of Raasay, just off the Isle of Sky.  My couple came to this almost deserted island seeking to breath in the fresh air, rest their eyes on the vast landscape and to take in Scotland’s legendary beauty.  

They used a ferry to get to the cozy home they rented, one of only 10 on the island, hiked up the mountains together, stood on the cliffs, with wind in their faces, feeling alive, restored, present.  They drank water from the natural springs in the valleys, foraged for berries and apples in the garden, cooked simple meals and sat by the fireplace when it got dark.  They sought to spend their days simply and be changed in some way by the experience.  

The Island or Raasay, with it’s restorative air and slow pace, makes it possible to get back in touch with who you are, or once were, or want to become.  Against it’s landscape, it is natural to reconnect with each other, with the things that are most important.  The Island offers an opportunity for inner wandering of the soul and it’s pace is the perfect antidote for the restless chase of the city life. 

Time on the Island moves slower and it gave them an opportunity to seek out Earth’s healing life-giving power. For years before this trip, they have been dreaming of growing their family.  Today, less than a year after, they have their hands full, caring for a beautiful baby girl.

Location: Isle of Rasaay and Isle of Skye, Scotland / Photography: Andyourstory Photography /  White Gown: Katya Shehurina
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