Today we travel to Oahu with Bajan Wed Member Sara Olivia, for a sweet couples session with Casey & Jenna to celebrate their anniversary! The light and water was just beautiful, and the pictures take you to that sense of adventure and romance that often comes with being on an island in the middle of the ocean.

from the photographer: Sara Olivia“Casey and Jenna planned their Hawaiian travels with the made-up motto “YOIHO”-You’re only in Hawaii once! They hired me to document their whole experience on Oahu. We mostly adventured and went for a more lifestyle feel, but made sure to set aside one evening just for a formal session to mark their years of marriage. Jenna started by wearing a sentimental dress, the one from her engagement session more than 3 years ago. As we ventured toward the water she changed into a more relaxed attire, and we ended with a hike to the lighthouse to see the last light of day. Rather than a typical sun-filled evening with crowded beaches, we got a windswept cloud cover that left us with a more intimate setting. Oahu showed off for us in the most romantic way.”

Photographer: Sara Olivia Photographer

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