Bali. That magical place that is a sweltering but romantic destination for artsy couples around the world. Today we bring you this session featuring Darya & Yakov!

from the photographer: “Also known as “Island of Gods”, Bali is a magical place that draw people from all around the globe. We met with Darya and Yakov during our vacation, and what once started as a holiday, became a romantic anniversary shoot for both of them.

Darya already resides in Bali for a couple of years before Yakov decided to visit her and make a trip to Bali. This reunion become the essence of the shoot and show how their love to each other is forever and even thousand of miles distance become no boundaries. We decided the location in the heart of Ubud. Ubud is an area that known for art, cultural richness, beautiful tropical landscape, and also this amazing rice field terrace. We started early morning since this terraces can be very crowded during the day, and we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring what this beautiful island has to offer. We can’t wait to go back there and do more amazing shoots!”

from Darya: “At that moment I had been living in Bali for about 2 years.  During my short visit to my hometown in Siberia I met Yakov, my future husband. But of course I couldn’t imagine it at that time (giggles).  Our love affair developed extremely fast but I had to go back to Bali because of my work schedule. We got in touch through social media and lots of long distance calls until Yakov decided not to lose his chance and followed me to this magical island not long after. As our relationship developed, deep down we knew that It was something really special.

We were lucky to get collaboration with Ditto exactly at the most romantic period of our relationships and moreover at the 4 months anniversary of our beginning.  Bali, beautiful rice fields, camera and two lovers – what can be better ? This shooting made a lot of “noise” and gossip in Russia. Nobody knew that we were a couple.  The photos looked like a wedding or elopement and all of our friends and family couldn’t stop talking about it and wondered if we were really already married (laughing). The shoot itself was pretty short and fast, It was supposed to be something that felt natural, light, frivolous and flying. Also Bali’s heat can be pretty intense in the afternoon, we started very early in the morning and finished within an hour. I spent the rest of the day showing Yakov all around Bali and it was a memory that he will cherish forever.

My dress was made in Bali by designer Maria Lerner, necklace by @Orrro_ . Hair and natural make up I have done by myself. And Yakov’s outfit was all from a simple but always stylish Zara man. We will always remember our moments together in Bali. And for sure will show it to our little son when he grows up. Thanks to Ditto and Vivian this dream shoot became possible.”

Photographer: Ditto Dianto
Bouquet: Ditto Dianto
Dress: Maria Lerner
Hair & Makeup: Daryasmi
Necklace: Orrro
Men’s Attire: Zara Man

Bajan Wed