Brides search far and wide for the perfect jewelry to wear on their wedding days. Even after you find the gown that gives you butterflies, the accessories you pair with it will make or break your bridal look.

After you decide on which pieces of jewelry you’ll wear down the aisle, you might notice they have a distinct bridal look. You’d love to wear them again after your wedding, but how is that possible when all you can think about is how they match your dress?

Check out these six ways to rewear your wedding jewelry for years to come. You don’t have to box everything up for storage after you say your vows. See if any of these tips will work with your accessories so you can wear the jewelry you love and always remember your special day.

1. Host Holiday Parties

When you think about the last time you dressed up, it was most likely at a holiday event. Maybe you picked out a dark red velvet dress and silver shoes for a winter dinner party. Your friends and family will love to visit if you host your own, which gives you the perfect excuse to dress up with your wedding jewelry. There’s no need to wait for those seasonal invitations when you can create a reason to pull out the jewelry you fell in love with.

photo by Asia Pimentel 

2. Pick Sophisticated Pearls

It’s hard not to get distracted by all the diamonds in a jewelry store, but many brides pick pearls for their necklaces and earrings instead. They’re a timeless accessory you can use throughout the year. They’ll never look out of place if you wear them with a cocktail dress or to a work party. Depending on your job and the jewelry style, you could even wear your wedding pearls to the office every day.

3. Stick With Simplicity

Brides have become more interested in elaborate, chunky necklaces that make a statement, but those are hard to wear again unless it’s a big occasion. While you look through jewelry inspiration and pieces available at local stores, consider sticking with something simple like a dainty necklace. It’s easy to pair with everyday outfits, even when you wear jeans to get coffee with a friend. 

4. Break Apart Your Tiara

You might love the idea of wearing a tiara during your wedding, but how can you rewear it afterward? Unless you dress up as a princess for Halloween, it’s best to break it apart and use the individual diamonds and gemstones to create statement earrings. They’ll match more naturally with future outfits and still be the focal piece whenever you wear them. 

5. Take Care of Each Piece

The best thing you can do to preserve your wedding accessories is to learn to take care of your jewelry so nothing rusts, fades or breaks with time. Wearing it even while doing everyday activities like washing the dishes or gardening can affect the quality of your rings and other accessories. Preserve them properly so they look like new as you make decades of happy memories with your spouse.

photo by Callie Manion

6. Create a Broach

Brides often use hair clips to finish their hairstyle or pin their veil in place, but they’re not an everyday piece of jewelry. After you come back from your honeymoon, work with a team of professional jewelers to turn your hair clip into a broach. You can design it for year-round wear at parties and the office or make it a seasonal piece to wear on your anniversary. Either way, it’s easier to style an outfit with a broach than with a wedding hair clip.

Stick With Your Style

Everyone has a unique sense of style, so stick with what you like. Whether you want to rewear your tiara as it is or accessorize with pearls at work, you’ll find new ways to wear your bridal jewelry long after you’re happily married.

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