So happy that my first blog post for the New Year is this charmingly sweet wedding at Foul Bay from Colorbox Studio.

St. Augustine once said “…Love is the beauty of the soul” and I am reminded of that just watching the video of these two lovebirds from Russia- Lena and Dima Polukhin. The joy between them is so contagious and the love they obviously share so uplifting that I couldn’t help smiling like a dope the whole time as I watched their ceremony unfold. Check out the video below:

What I adored the most was that it may have been a simple, unfussy wedding – just a guy, a girl, and a priest surrounded by the sights and sounds of a sunny beach- but in it’s bare bones form it was the epitome of what a wedding is truly all about- two people, happy and in love pledging a lifetime commitment to each other in a sacred, intimate ritual and warm celebration.

About Her:

Lena: I live very far from the beautiful island of Barbados in… Russia. I am a very romantic girl. When I was young, I visualized my future husband – his voice, character, face and the qualities that I would like to have in a partner for the rest of my life. The Universe heard me, my ideal man is with me now and I love him infinitely.

About Him:

Dima: I love the freedom, the wind, the ocean, the sand in my head, my wife, nature and the Earth…


About how they met:

Lena: it was the beginning of summer in Russia, the 2nd of June. My friend and I came to visit her friends, I saw him and I had an electric shock… I saw him and I was amazed – he was exactly like my dream! I think that he felt… the same, because we never parted from that moment.

Dima: she is my destiny.

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Their Proposal Story:

As is often the case– when what we are waiting for a long time finally comes, it seems surprising… It happened on … New Year’s Eve. And it became another amazing chapter in our shared story Smile



What made you decide on Barbados as the location for your wedding?:

We did not want a traditional Russian wedding. When we met we found out that we shared the same dream– an intimate wedding ceremony on the beach- that was the beginning. We were looking for a country with official weddings. Then we decided that it was going to be an island. Barbados is the perfect location for a dream wedding. We did not have to think long about it- the place of our wedding ceremony was going to be the beautiful Barbados. We found a professional – Lana de Freitas, she is a Director of Russian Caribclub, and she helped to organize our dream.

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Share some of the most treasured moments of that day. Were there any surprises?:

Every minute of November 8th was amazing! We both were a little nervous, but at the same time we remained as calm as Buddhists. We were absolutely sure about our decisions and about each other. We laughed and had fun with each other and with  our photographer and videographer…

We drove to the ceremony venue – our hearts were pounding faster and faster. When we said our vows to each other  – we did not hold back tears, it was the most treasured moment of that day… white sand, beckoning waves, an azure sky, the priest, the arch, the sound of the ocean…the immense sky and the Lord’s presence – it was a dream, a fairy tale dream, that came true. It was like the most romantic film in the world.

Every day before the wedding it was raining more than once a day, but the real surprise on our wedding day was that it was sunny and there was no rain. It was perfect!!


Are there any other special details that you’d like to share?:

If a couple decides to have a wedding ceremony on the beach – on the eve of the ceremony be sure to check the cleanliness of the beach, because in low season there can be a lot of seaweed. Foul Bay was perfect Smile

 Any wedding advice for other couples? Any marriage tips?:

For couples from other countries: having married in Barbados, do not stop before a long flight, this island is worth it!

For all of future couples: love each other… The most important thing is what’s inside you, in your hearts. Always keep the fire of love in your eyes, come what may. Be happy!!   


A huge thank you to Lena and Dima for taking the time to share the details of their awesome love story and here’s wishing them much love and blessings in 2013 and beyond!!


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