Now, bear with me a bit while I get all schmaltzy o.k.?- I have been sitting on this one for a while because when Fringe ended it was a very difficult goodbye. Fringe was extraordinary- not just for its outlandish and brilliant plot lines, but also for its ability to quite deftly and compellingly explore intriguing themes such as duality,  humanity, fate versus free will,  God versus science and the concept of love explored through different lenses (fatherhood, platonic love, romantic love) etc. All of this while building unforgettable characters whose relationships with each other created some of the best moments in television I have ever been privileged to witness.

I know none of it was real (obvs!) but I felt (and still feel) sad to know that I’ll never see Walter, Peter, Olivia, Astrid, Broyles and the rest again. I think it was harder to accept the show ending so prematurely because there are so many crappy reality shows out there filling up the air waves with their junk – and somehow managing to thrive while quality shows like Fringe bite the dust!!! End rant.

Onto the good. As a true fan I wanted to share some wedding inspiration based on an imagining of Peter’s and Olivia’s nuptials which we heard mention of but never actually got to see take place.

The Ceremony: Courthouse Wedding

fringe-inspired-city-hall-weddingBtchflicks, Brides (Tom Corbett Photography), Groom Sold Separately, (Lilia Photography)Pinterest (The Minnericks Photography)

Based on their hectic lifestyle pursuing  the bad guys and battling evil, I am definitely thinking a courthouse wedding would be more in the cards for this pair. Also, I just can’t picture Olivia sitting down to plan a wedding, spending hours on the Interwebz searching for that ‘perfect dress’ and discussing favors with Peter- anyway who has time for that when the universe is literally crumbling at your feet?  I think an intimate, straightforward ceremony with their small but tight-knit family is the perfect fit.

Some people think a courthouse wedding is unromantic but to be honest, I think there’s something magical about stripping a wedding down to such bare-bones intimacy! So for those of you considering this option- I say go for it- your wedding is as special as the love between the two of you!

Bridal Style- Edgy Chic

fringe-olivia-inspired-bridal-styleImages- Lemons and Chambray, Think Chic, So Lovely FashionIndulgy, Minnesota Bride

Now, Liv is my favourite type of female character- the kind that kicks serious butt. That tough edge is partially reflected in her wardrobe which includes a hot leather jacket! It would be amazing to rock this over a chic, white dress. And you know, this is not just a look for super FBI agents, famous fashion bloggers, rebels or rock stars- if you’re a bride who loves to mix it up- have fun with this style and its variations like a neat blazer,  country-style denim jacket or a cute cardigan. Of course, it’s only advisable to do this  in the Tropics when the weather is a bit cool (like in December/January) or if you’ll be in A.C most of the time. Otherwise just whip out your jacket of choice for the photo session on the day of or for the day after session.

The Reception- A Quaint Picnic

fringe-inspired-picnic-weddingImages- Snippet and Ink (Ivy Reynolds Photography), Style Me Pretty (Emily Quinton Photography), Frolic, Flowerwild Designs (Jose Villa Photography), Elizabeth Anne Designs (Catie Ronquillo Photography), Love Luxe (Fanni Williams Photography), The Bride’s Cafe (Liz Banfield Photography), Style Me Pretty (Amy Majors Photography)

Why a picnic reception? Well if you’re a fellow fan you’ll remember that in the last memory Peter and Olivia had of their daughter before they were re-united with her in the future, they were all in the park, and Liv and Peter were lying on a blanket on the ground while Henrietta was playing. I loved this image of them as a family and a picnic reception is the kind of laid-back affair that would suit their style.

We have so many beautiful parks and beaches to do this on and its a really nice idea for a small wedding. For more privacy you can easily do this at a house with lots of outdoors space. Picnic receptions are super fun, quite affordable and oh so charming!

The Food- Yummy Favourites!

fringe-walter-favourite-foodsImages- Big City Vegan (Rita Maas Photography), Flickr Creative Commons (3liz4), Marcus Samuelsson (Lindsay Hunt), Candy Crate, First Comes Love,, Williams-Sonoma, Emeril’s, Gourmet Traveller

Walter and I share a deep abiding love for food. Some of his favoured eats and drinks include bluberry pancakes, strawberry toasted pastries, red licorice, rhubarb pie, blue cotton candy (it has to be blue!), root beer floats and strawberry milkshakes. He and Peter both like cheesteak as well. I added the mini toasts because Olivia is hardly seen munching on anything besides toast.

A great picnic is all about the food!! If you don’t want things to get too messy, just serve bite-size portions of everything (tip from Brian Green at the expo)- which also looks so adorable in photos (although I mean come on, that’s not a real reason, food is meant to be eaten not stared at amirite? :p ). You can also dole out these cute food boxes and creatively packaged utensils.

So you were probably expecting some sci-fi element or something weirdish in the inspiration details right? Well in between all of the craziness, the real magic in Fringe was just plain ole human love and that alone is enough to pay tribute to. Do you have a T.V show or movie that you adore and would love to see some inspiration for? Leave a comment or drop me a note and I’ll whip it up.

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