Picture a beautiful garden wedding, set with the cleanest white details, and flowers everywhere. Then a beautiful couple, knowing each other for many years – getting married at last. You’ve just put together the perfect recipe for Heather & William’s lovely garden wedding at Heritage Prairie Farm!

How did you meet? 

I wish I had some big elaborate way that my husband and I met but it was simple, I was working and he was a patron. For me, it was love at first sight. I said hi. And we have been together ever since. Sometimes the most simple things are the most beautiful ones.

Tell us about your wedding day vision. 

We had recently moved (I was not engaged yet) and while I was out one day, I came across Heritage Prairie Farm. They have the cutest little market on their grounds with fresh produce, local meats, honey etc. I started walking around the farm and in that moment I said “If I ever get engaged this is where I want my wedding to be.” The venue is huge, its gorgeous, the options there are endless and their food is farm to table which I loved. Fast forward 2 months later I was engaged and immediately booked my dream venue!

I had a very clear vision from the very beginning. I remember seeing photos of tented weddings and how beautiful they could be. There was something about a glamorous wedding set in the natural elements of the outdoors that appealed to me. I knew I wanted a romantic, glamorous, bright and airy wedding with a ton of flowers, all white flowers to be exact. I remember telling the florist, ” I want it to look like flowers threw up all over the place.” I imagined the reception tables to be long family style tables with tall centerpieces that stretched across the entire table. Sheer loose linens and touches of gold everywhere. When I saw the reception, I cried. Exactly what I saw in my head had come to life, I couldn’t believe it.

Tell us about your attire choices. 

For my wedding dress, I originally wanted a Haley Paige dress. But somehow I steered away from that vision and was after a completely different style. I almost made a purchase but something didn’t feel right about it so I decided to stop into one more bridal boutique for one last look. I saw a dress on the mannequin and I was like “THATS it!” The total opposite of what I had almost purchased. I tried it on and sure enough, it was the one. I asked the lady who made the dress “Hailey Paige” she said. It could not have been more perfect. A true princess style dress that still felt light and romantic.

I loved the idea of my bridesmaids in different style dresses. I wanted everyone to feel comfortable in what they were wearing. Some in blush and some in nude, a very soft airy palette. But keeping the groom and groomsmen in black to add a classic glam feel. My other big request was asking all of our guests to wear black attire, some thought this was an odd request but I am so happy I did. I wanted to look around and see a clean classic look. I wanted our photos to have a nice uniform look. Don’t be afraid to make such requests, this is YOUR day.

What was the most important to you while planning? 

My husband supported whatever was important to me. Flowers were the most important to me. It was our biggest splurge. I also wanted a very specific kind of look for our photos, Bonphotage was our photographer and they were exactly what I was looking for. They were the first vendor we booked. Something we were going to skip but I am so glad we didn’t was the videographer. It is my favorite piece of the wedding and I get to have that with me forever.

What was your favorite part of the day? 

My favorite part of the day was the moment after we said I do. While everyone was at the reception, we took a moment to ourselves and tried to let everything sink in. Everything happens so fast that I was grateful to have those 20 minutes to stop, look around and say ” What a perfect day, We did it!”

Another memory we have is our teenage daughters speech, that was a very emotional and special moment for us.

It was important to my husband that we walked around and talked to each and every guest, even if that did result in us not being able to eat our dinner, we wanted everyone to know we were thankful they were there to share our special day. Tip: Have the venue pack up your food so you can take it back to your hotel.

Tell us about some other details. 

I remember sitting down with our florist, telling her my vision and I remember her seeing it just as clear as I did. We were both so excited to make it come to life. I wanted all white flowers, all different kinds, with beautiful greenery. The biggest request I had were the centerpieces on our tables. I had seen pictures of inspiration but had never been to a wedding with it done. I really wanted something different. Those centerpieces were the inspiration to the entire look of our wedding. On the day of the wedding I looked outside at our wedding arch and my mouth dropped. I knew what I wanted my I never dreamed it would look the way it did in my head, the quality, the amount of flowers we had and the work that went into building everything was so over the top I couldn’t believe it. I still dream about them to this day.

In addition to having my favorite kind of sweets (donuts,) We decided on a ” cake buffet” Different flavors and sizes. Each iced and decorated differently. More rustic style cakes. For our wedding cake itself, we wanted a simple two tier cake with a natural frosted look and fresh florals.

Our venue harvests raw honey, something they have been doing since they began. So we decided on personalized honey favors.

Photography: bonphotage | Ceremony Venue: heritage prairie farm | Reception Venue: heritage prairie farm | Floral: ipomea floral | Wedding Cake: the sugar path | Rentals: Halls Rental | Linens: BBJ Linen | Hair: brooke klay | Bride’s Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes | Submitted via: Matchology

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