The Juliet Cap Veil has completely captured my heart as one of the most beautiful accessories I have ever seen! The name itself even has a romantic origin, taken from Shakespeare’s Juliet who is depicted in early drawings as wearing a small, fitted cap over her head. The veil was first popularized in the 1920’s, then the 1970’s and has donned the heads of  iconic fashion figures such as Grace KellyJackie Onassis and Kate Moss (click names to see photos).

With the enormous Great Gatsby fashion trend which stirred an Art Deco and vintage revival, the Juliet Cap Veil has one again risen in popularity. Thank goodness, because the images below are simply divine!

juliet-cap juliet-cap-1 juliet-cap-4 juliet-cap-2 juliet-cap-6 juliet-cap-3 juliet-cap-7 juliet-cap-5Images- 1. Twigs & Honey 2-4. Style Me Pretty (To Love Photographie) 5. Style Me Pretty (James Moes Photography) 6. Elizabeth Messina Photography 7. Elizabeth Messina Photography 8. Megan Therese- Couture Bridal Accessories (Donal Doherty Photography) 9. Style Me Pretty (Marina Locke Photography) 10. Style Me Pretty (Studio Impressions Photography) 11. Wedding Chicks  (Elizabeth Messina Photography) 12. Style Me Pretty (Elizabeth Messina Photography) 13. Mignonne Handmade (Imaginale Designs Photography) 14. Erica Elizabeth Designs (Caroline Tran Photography) 15. Emily Riggs Bridal 16-18. This Modern Romance Photography

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