Island Romance {neutrals}

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I’ve been obsessed with neutrals recently so I was keen on using them here  to evoke the soft, romantic quality this palette tends to impart.

The mahogany, lace doilies and table runner, hurricane shutters (used to display lace fan escort cards), ocean view, wooden house and rustic touches are all combined to give the inspiration board its vintage Caribbean feel.

Forgive me for waxing nostalgic and taking a personal detour but those particular elements also take me back to childhood days spent at both of my grandmothers’ homes in the ‘country’ (St.Lucy).

Those memories have such a dreamy quality for me.

More often than not, my family would go visiting on a Sunday afternoon and time seemed to move slowly as we drove through the countryside – my brother, sister and I anticipating the treats we would be in for- Tiger Malt, Plus and other bottled sodas as well as corn curls with sweeties tucked inside.

My grandmothers’ homes were always very mysterious to me- probably  because I wasn’t allowed to ramble everywhere as I pleased- being a child and all. I remember though, all of the little figurines and decorative objects on their quaint doilies, sometimes on shelves and tables or locked away in hutches.

There was also the old mahogany rocking chair my dad’s mum would sit in when we would visit- I can see her now sitting by the window staring out at the open countryside and smiling softly as we tore into the snacks she gave us. Every chance I got, I wandered around exploring – each corner, piece of furniture and nick nack carried a story of its own that I wanted to unravel. Afterwards, the ride back home was always mixed with sleepiness, contentment and the promise of the next visit.

So you see- this is not just an inspiration board for me but a real slice of island life!

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