We are ending the week on an exceptionally high note my friends- I am so completely smitten by this fun photo shoot Bajan Cherry sent over featuring their Summer Mix and Match line!

You may remember them from this post a few months ago. Their fresh, modern design and playful versatility left a big impression on me  so you can imagine how thrilled I am to be able to bring you this collection! Not to mention the timing is so perfect given that  summer has been a major feature in our inspiration boards of late.

If you’re searching for some cute honeymoon gear or just want to hit the beach in style, put aside everything for a few moments and let’s dive into some fabulousness!

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From Bajan Cherry: “Bajan Cherry Swimwear is a collaboration between two surfer girls who wanted to find that perfect bikini- one that looks good and stays put when charging waves. We live in our bikinis and know how important it is to have current styles in cuts that we don’t need to fuss over.

Our mission is simple, to make stylish functional bikinis for sun loving girls. You should be focused on your beach time- whether it’s reading a good book or paddling out at a new break…not worrying about fixing your bikini.

Our styles are surf tested and proven to stay put even through the toughest of wipe-outs. Wear them together or mix and match to suit your mood.

We are a local brand deeply rooted in the community. All of our bikinis are made on the island and we try to source and collaborate with as many Barbadian small businesses as possible.

  • Bikinis are inspired from a mix of our favorite surfing bikinis over the years
  • We try to keep them as minimalistic as possible- no metal or plastic decorative additions to bother you when surfing
  • Our logo is embroidered on to ensure it doesn’t dig-in
  • We fine-tune the patterns and get them manufactured here locally
  • The process is very hands-on so samples are tested to make sure they stay put, look good, and the quality is up to our standards- you should be able to tie your bikini extra tight when the waves are bigger and not worry about seams popping
  • Our swimwear fabric patterns and colors are chosen to reflect both of our personalities
  • These photos were taken of our Summer Mix and Match line which features every style top and bottom in our collection plus the addition of a bandeau top
  •  The mix and match tops are all super saturated bold solid color as well as some of the prints and the bottoms are fun bold black and white prints (some are reversible)

FUTURE: We are coming out with a second Summer Collection in a month inspired by the ocean, travel, and again our favorite- bright bold colors”

For more fiercely fab swimwear fashion head on over to Bajan Cherry’s Facebook page.

Photography: Aniya Emtage
Shoot Location: Batts Rock Beach

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