Tropicanna {pink, red, green and shades of brown}

tropical-wedding-inspirationImages- Snippet and Ink  (White Loft Studio), Inspired By This (Caroline Tran Photography), Style Me Pretty (Jose Villa Photography), Elizabeth Anne Designs (Gabe Aceves Photography), Oprah, Buzzle, Modern Living Hawaii (Stephen Ludwig Photography), Eat-Pray-Love-Moni, Jose Villa

So I’m taking a wee break from the summer inspiration boards to bring this tropical collage. This board came about after my excitement over the gorgeous images from a tropical summer wedding shoot for Rue Magazine on Inspired By This. The second image in the first row is actually taken from there.

It is not always easy to relate to images typically associated with the Caribbean because it does not holistically reflect my identity and lifestyle or that of other Caribbean people around me.

As a result, when examining anything deemed ‘tropical’ I sometimes tend to mentally pigeonhole such images as being more of a tourist product than anything else.

In fact, I always assume that my Caribbean readership is less interested in inspiration boards such as the one here.

Doing these types of boards however, and exploring tropical inspiration in general, has made me appreciate more and more the natural island beauty around me  and the inherent value that has. I believe this board is a reflection of that.

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