I initially planned to use bougainvillea for my wedding – it’s pretty, plentiful, easily sourced and free (big score!)  once you know someone with enough of it (easy enough in Barbados). And then sadly these pretty flowers went scarce just before our date. Gah!!

May have been a blessing in disguise though- according to our event stylist (the lovely Mrs. Marietta Carrington), bougainvillea is not very hardy and it would have been difficult work to arrange them (based on their fragility) and then keep them from wilting in the heat by the time the wedding ceremony  began.

We ended up using orchids, which were featured in the stationery we had already picked out anyway, so it all worked out.

Here are some other pretty flowers which can be found in Barbados:


And of course, the most important one: our National Flower, fittingly titled, the Pride of Barbados:

 Hot Spots

If you want to celebrate the big day surrounded by a backdrop of gorgeous flowers consider getting married at Orchid World, the Flower Forest, Andromeda Botanic Garden or at Hunte’s Gardens




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