Kate McDonald Maids Fall 2016

If you had a glimpse of the exquisite Fall 2016 Kate McDonald Bridal collection last week (you can see it all here) then you won’t be at all surprised at just how gorgeous the ‘Maids’ collection is as well! After all, this is the same brand behind the extremely popular LulaKate bridesmaid line! The shoot unfolded at Middleton Place where light, graceful gowns in garden-inspired colours led the way, showcasing elegant mix and match designs. ABP Makeup created romantic, Grecian Goddess hairstyles, topped by delicate flower crowns from Flower Shop CHS while Perry Vaile Photography was there to perfectly capture all the pretty!

Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography Kate McDonald Bridal Bridesmaids Fall 2016 by Perry Vaile Photography

You can find out more about these oh-so divine dresses here!

Photography: Perry Vaile Photography | Bridesmaid Dresses: Kate McDonald Bridal | Hair and Makeup: ABP Makeup | Flower Crown: Flower Shop CHS | Location: Middleton Place

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    Will continue to deny them for the remainder of my [url=][/url] life. extra: Never abused Ms Heard or other woman. Then went on to allege Heard was the aggressor in every thing has become.

    Amber Heard points to clumps of hair left in a tree after Johnny Depp allegedly tore it from her head. photographic: Fairfax region CourtSource:made available

    Amber Heard was left with a hole in her scalp after being repeatedly punched at the rear of the head, She recounted. consider: Fairfax nation CourtSource:delivered

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