Today we are bringing you a different kind of anniversary session .. more lifestyle and artistic with a twist …

from the photographer: ” When Frans & Tharine came to us for their anniversary shoot we knew we could conjure up something a little different, something special.

As we had photographed their wedding a few years ago, we know this adventurous couple likes photographs that are emotive, real and raw.And we were right, they did not want a “bubblegum love” anniversary shoot but rather something deeply connected – to nature and showing their personal deep connection.

Together with Tharine we conceptualized this shoot – Lakeside Living which we photographed in the hours after a summer’s sunrise in a field in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa.

Honestly, we did not originally plan a sunrise shoot. We were due to photograph the hour before sunset and when the clouds unexpectantly rolled in and it poured down we could do nothing but wait. And, as the fabulous staff at the location – Spioenkop Venue – set out some traditional South African “milktart” and coffee for us we decided to rather all just savour the sweet treats while the weather was too unruly to photograph in.

The rain cleared up only just before dark and we chose to rather push our creative boundaries by shooting after sunrise instead of rush and photograph such a unique shoot in the 15 minutes that were let before nightfall.

And it was worth the wait, the sun rose over clear and fresh fields, giving us a unique canvas to photograph against.

This styled anniversary shoot It tells the simplistic story of two lovers and a leisurely morning at the water. Yet we wanted to create a renaissance of wonder and bring the romance back into the simple act of a wife gently grooming her husband. And by telling a large portion of the story in monochrome we wanted to set the tone for eternal poetry, for nostalgia.”

Photography: Dust and Dreams Photography
Concept Creation & creative directing: THIRTEEN Creative Emporium
Couple: Frans & Tharine De Beer
MUA: Rue Cambon
Location: Spioenkop Venue
Styling: Elaine Van der Merwe-Louwrens

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