The heat is steadily rising right about now so I can just imagine how crazy hot this summer will be when the Crop Over Season starts. Whether you’re living down here in Barbados or just plan to visit, here are some tips to humidity-proof your make-up under the sweltering Caribbean sun.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!

It seems counterintuitive to do this in the heat but not using a moisturizer puts you at risk of drying out. Your skin in turn reacts by increasing its oil production in order to compensate for the dryness- possibly causing that slick sheen you’re trying to avoid.

So, use a very lightweight, non-comedogenic, oil-free moisturizer with SPF. Remember – just a tiny amount will do. If you’re skipping a foundation because of the heat, use a tinted moisturizer for some light coverage.

To prime or not to prime?

Convention says that face primer is a must in high humidity because it acts as a waterproof barrier for your skin, improving the longevity of your makeup.

With oily and combinations skin however, opinions vary on whether a primer is the right move or not. In high temperatures you’re dealing with sweat and the excess oil it triggers. Some make-up artists recommend only using a mattifier- since they are built specifically for oil control- and skipping  the primer altogether, whereas others support using both.

If you have trouble with oily skin and you’re set on using a primer you could either apply a little mattifier to your oily areas first, before applying the primer, or use the primer followed by your make-up and then your mattifier.

Face on

If you can’t bear to part with foundation (in high temperatures it’s really best to skip it!)- make sure to use one that’s lightweight, silicone-based (lasts longer) and oil-free. Also go oil-free for your concealer.

Oh so cheeky

A good cheek stain will last longer in the heat than a powder or cream blush and you can get one which does double duty on the lips as well. If you want to use a bronzer instead, try a light, mineral based powder.

The eyes have it

Whether you’re keen on face primers or not an eye primer is definitely a good idea- when you start to sweat, your eyelids creases are the first places to oil up. The primer will prevent your eye make-up from slipping off.

Avoid über-freaky racoon eyes by using waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Use a crease-proof, cream eye shadow to finish the look and increase its staying power.

Let your lips do the talking

Some great options with long-staying power – a nice sheer lip stain, a satin or matte lipstick or a tinted lip balm which adds some colour while moisturizing those puckers.

Oil blotters are your best friends

Carry a pack with you and gently dab your face (don’t swipe) when the heat kicks in and your face begins to shine. You may want the option of using a pressed powder as well– if you do, choose a matte translucent formula to cut the shine- apply very sparingly and only on the shiny areas.

This is your mantra

Lightweight, oil-free, waterproof!!

Now go be fierce!

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