Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! If you happen to be looking for a cute date idea- take a cue from this idyllic engagement as this adorable duo take in the fresh outdoors and tour the grounds of a historical mansion! Huge thanks to Origin Photos, for this submission and for supporting us from inception!

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From Origin Photos: I met Vincent and Nina about one year ago at our old studio location. Immediately upon our initial meeting we started speaking about the wedding and all of the different plans we had to make sure all of the important moments were covered. My initial reaction when meeting them was- ‘they really do love each other, it works’.  Vincent very calm and charming and Nina, was all smiley faces and charismatic around Vinny. They had an amazing great sense of style and the location that they choose was original. Nina actually is very familiar with the Mill Neck Mansion. Having visited the site campus, they decided this was a great fit for the theme and look that they were looking for. It was great seeing them work the camera. It was very natural with very minimal direction. The photographs speak for themselves.

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