Imagine having your engagement session in an abandoned western town, filled with relics of the past. That’s what Ryan and Jeanne decided to do! Check out their story below …

from the photographer: “Ryan and Jeanne were getting married in two days time but we decided to drive down to Nelson Ghost Town for a second photo and video engagement session before the big festivities! We got there as the sun was setting behind the desert mountains. It was like in the movies! We absolutely adored these two as they strolled and hung around by vintage cars, broken down bus, abandoned barns and plane debris. There was an eerie feeling at some point during the session, especially knowing some haunted stories surrounding the history of Nelson Ghost Town. Nevertheless, we took advantage of it and captured some magical moments between these two!”

How did you meet?

My husband and I met at a salon in Las Vegas, NV. I’m a local from LV and my husband was visiting at that time from Chicago. I was working at the salon as a receptionist and met him and his friends when they came by to get their haircuts.

What’s your proposal story? 

We went to NY for a high school friend’s baby shower. On our last day, we went downtown with friends and family to meet up for dinner. While we were waiting for our reservation, we were just taking pictures around Time Square. My boyfriend asked a bystander if he could take a picture of all of us in front of The Reuters building. After that, everyone screamed for me to turn around. I did and saw multiple images of us on the large LED screens and his proposal covering the building’s edifice. Once I turned back around, he was down on one knee.

Tell us about your engagement session outfits and location! 

Our engagement photoshoot was taken in Nelson Ghost Town in Searchlight Nevada. It was an abonded gold mining town with barns, saloons, old vehicles and downed aircrafts. The location itself was perfect for my outfit. I wore an above the knee coral pinkish dress with brown vest and brown boots. My hair was long and curly paired with silver necklace and earrings. My husband was wearing a spotted buttoned down blue collar shirt with khaki pants and brown shoes. Our photoshoot was taken by the talented Michelle Zapanta. She was very patient and very easy to work with. Michelle directed our poses which came out beautifully and truly brought out our personalities in the picture. We posed in front of a car, inside an old school bus, barn, and my most favorite around the downed aircrafts. It felt like we were shooting a movie.

Photography: Michelle Zapanta Photography | Venue: Nelson Ghost Town | Submitted via: Matchology

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